Friday, February 03, 2006

Dear Diary Friday night....

I have given my notice of resignation to my work, effective Wednesday the 15th.

I came home tonight from a dinner with Dylan and the folks to a message from my new boss at WF offering me the job, asking me to call her back on her cell phone, as she was headed out of town. She offered me what I asking (well, pretty close to what I was asking) and I probably will get to pick what shift I want to be on, since they are hiring in all divisions. I told her I would talk to my husband about it and call her back. Dylan and I discussed it for about 30 seconds and I waited for about 45 minutes (I pretty much called everyone to tell them I accepted the job) to let her know I was more than excited to accept her offer and that I would be giving two weeks notice. Of course they always want you to start earlier, but professionally I need to give at least as close to two weeks as I can. I logged on to my work e-mail, have sent my boss the notice. I do have a heavy heart, as I will be leaving some really neat people at my current employer, but it is time to move on for the sake of myself mentally, more money for Dylan and I, a better opportunity, and more room for advancement and STABILITY. Now I need to work on getting Toni out of there.

Thanks again to Toni and Rob for coming over to celebrate with us, brining a botttle, and single handledly making my dog no longer shy around people!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...


I woke up in a much better mood today....thanks for asking!

After work yesterday, which was a LONG day, Dylan and I ran up to the U of U to return my Dad's holter monitor and then we stopped for dinner, came home and were in bed by 6:30. It is pathetic, I know, but we both had slept horribly the night before and were absolutely exhausted and needed all the sleep we could get. And sleep I got and it was beautiful!

I woke up again today in not such a good mood, but I turned it around. Today is going to be a great day because I get to leave work early AND get a new hair color, which I am very excited about. Also, it will be start to my weekend and I am going to try very, very hard not to let anything ruin it. It will be a busy weekend, but there is nothing that I can't handle.

One of the exciting parts of this weekend is that I am getting up on Saturday and joining Weight Watchers again. I have my mind set on it, it is time to jump back on the "eating healthy lifestyle" that I so much loved and put some much needed order back into my life. I think the thing that I find most exciting about this is that I know it is time for me to take control of my life and my happiness again and so I am excited about EVERYTHING. I even am feeling much more positive about getting a new job so I have already cleaned out all the files in my desk in preparation. It feels good to be in such a good mental place again. And the other part that makes me excited is that I have some VERY positive people that are joining me in this quest for better lifestyles and more happiness. YEAH!!!

Much love out to Jeffy today....just because he is the Birthday Boy and a sexy, sassy man!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

I woke up in such the foul mood!!! I was awakened at 12:42 am this morning because I was too hot and could not manage to get back to sleep. In the two hours that I just laid in bed, I got myself more and more and more pissed off thinking about how I have totally turned my life over to other forces and have lived my life for the last year for other people. How pathetic is that! I have literally lived each day for over a year trying to please another person, whether it be my family, a friend, a co-worker, a boss, what have you. And I have NOBODY to blame for doing this other than myself. I even gave up my beloved Weight Watchers because I have had absolutely no time for it because I AM TOO BUSY WITH OTHER PEOPLE! Yep, I need to get my shit in order and my priorities straight. It is time to start doing what it takes to make ME happy and make other people start stepping up to help themselves out. God, I see a very long road ahead of me.....

Yesterday was a very freakin' long day. I got into work at 4:00 am, left at 8:00, drove back out to WV to pick up the folks to take my Dad to an all day appointment back up to the U of U.....and I mean ALL DAY. We got there at 9:10 and I left the U of U at 3:30. I was exhausted, my back hurt, my head hurt, and my nerves were shot due to a lot of family issues going on right now that I don't feel like discussing. I went home, got into a tub of hot water, tried to relax, and then just ended up going to bed. I wanted nothing to do with anything or anyone, just to be left alone.

And then I wake up to be a foul bitch today and I don't see it getting any better. I have to handle another appointment for my Dad after work today, but it is thankfully something that I can do by myself and don't have to have the company of anyone around me. After I finish that appointment, I plan on maybe just driving around, getting my head on straight, before I go home...but we will see. It might actually not be such a good idea for me to drive around considering some of the thoughts that were going through my head when I was coming into work!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dear Diary Sunday...

I'm weird. I have a set order of things that I do every Sunday to get myself ready for the coming work week and when I have "completed" that list of things to do, I feel a huge weight has been lifted. I am so strange.

I found out on Friday, after driving all the way to the U of U for my Dad's cardiologist appointment, then all the way back to West Valley to take him home, then back up to the mouth of Parley's Canyon because my boss wanted me to come into work for a reason that NOBODY knows because it was a useless waste of time, that the company that I have had two interviews with is now checking my references....and I felt a huge relief come over me. I believe that is a true sign that I am ready and willing to move on from the employer I have been with for 6 years...even if it means I need to make some concessions in my life (like giving up my Fridays off or coming home later) to be happier and make more money. I feel it is time to either "put up or shut up" since I have been bitching and complaining for awhile about how unhappy I am with my current job. It will be nice for a change.