Monday, April 19, 2004

Dear Diary Monday, part two...

The day got much better. Connie and Toni both kept me highly amused today....Toni with just being Toni and Connie with our intellectual discussion via e-mail,on religions. I won't go into details but the both of them, at one point or another, put me in my place and made me giggle.

My "distancing" myself from the toxic co-workers has been working wonderfully. I accomplished a great deal today and left feeling very satisfied with my job and my performance.

I came home and did a WONDERFUL work out today. I did 30 minutes of cardio on my favorite machine...THE ELLIPTICAL. It is a machine not for the weak of heart and it completely kicked my ass.I then did 400 crunches and called it a night. I then came home and finally ate dinner, took a wonderful and long bubble bath, and am now relaxing. I love a day that I feel a great deal has been accomplished. One of my greatest accomplishments is getting my mood and attitude back on track. Next time I let others get my attitude out of sorts, I am kicking my own ass!

Much love to Chet and Shane. I hope you two are taking really good care of each other!!!

Much love to Dee, just because I feel she needs it......

Dear Diary Monday...

I had a great self talk last night and have made a few decisions about myself and about my job. The first decision that I made is that I need to stop making myself so available to those people who do not know what the concept of being a "friend" is and I have made myself available to many of those type of people at work. That will come to a halt. My job is not to be everyone's friend. My job is to do my very best at what I do, keep a positive attitude, collect my pay, go home. No more no less. I no longer can emotionally afford to keep giving to others not to receive anything but pain in return.

My second decision is to do the same with anyone outside of work. All of the friends that I have now are wonderful, reliable, and honest. Those are the type of people I want to continue having in my life. Those individuals who come into my life that prove that they can not be trusted will not gain my friendship, or even my attention.

Third, I am a beautiful person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am going to stop belittling and berating myself and focus on the positive aspects of who I am instead of dwelling on the negative. That which you think you can achieve, you will become.

Fourth, I am going to stop putting so much energy out to those who do nothing but take it and expect more. I can not continue to keep giving and giving and expecting to give more.

Fifth, I need to find my "space" again within my own home. That is a project I will be doing this Sunday.

All in all, the day is starting out great with these positive reinforcements.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

Today has been the most relaxing day. I have done the equivalent of zero. I have spent the entire day on my couch, relaxing, watching tv and taking a nap. I have come to really enjoy, and appreciate, my Sundays. I use to hate Sundays, but I think it is because I used that day, regardless of how I felt, to bust out all of the work that I needed to do. Now, I use the day how I want to use it, either relaxing or working, but my choice.

Friday night Dylan and I went to see "The Punisher" which was like watching the Marvel comic book on the big screen. I enjoyed it, regardless of a couple of very cheesy one-liners. The man that played The Punisher is exactly what I expected. Go see it if you have some free time to kill.

Saturday I had my weight in and then Dylan and I went out playing all day. We went to all of our favorite haunts (Furburbia, Golden Braid, Awakening Hearts, Spellbound, Wild Oats, etc) and then had dinner at The Desert Edge Pub and Brewery. Dylan had never been there so he was very excited to try some place new and I don't think he was disappointed. I love how relaxed the atmosphere is and it is a place where you can just unwind. We then went and looked at a couple of more model homes and then back to his place to watch "The Rundown" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". We were both pretty exhausted after the horrible week we both had at our jobs, so we made it through "The Rundown" and then about 40 minutes into the next movie and he took me home.

All in all, after such a horrible and rotten week at work, the weekend was pretty enjoyable.