Saturday, October 04, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Well, I head a huge speed bump in my months of all months. My mom had an eye appointment yesterday, to check the progress of her last cataract, which by the way, is doing splendid and they are not going to remove it as of yet, probably in 6 months. HOWEVER, the eye doctor changed his opinion on my dad's other eye and made "special arrangements" to do surgery on his other eye to remove the last cataract. He decided to check my dad's eye at my mom's appointment and the cataract is growing so quickly and giving my dad such a bad time, that the doc decided we are going to remove it.....October 23rd. So, I have a pre-op appointment, the surgery, and a post-op appointment. Sometimes the Fates throw in little stones to see if you can skip over them or if they will cause you to stumble.....

Yesterday was a good day. I left work at 10:00 am and came home and attempted to take a nap, it didn't work. So Dylan and I headed out for a fun day. We had a very romantic and yummy dinner at Market Street Grill, then headed up to the U of U so I could get some truffles (don't ask it is an addiction I have had since my junior year there.....Go U!) and then we headed to Furburbia where I was pissed off by a very rude and abrassive person who would not let me hold a baby terrier AND then Dylan and I were approached by the scariest, craziest person in the mall who wanted to know if we "wanted to have some fun!" Well, it is not wise to come at somebody who already this year, has been approached in a not very nice way! Needless to say, due to my nature of picking up and holding on to other's energy, I was "out of place" for about 30 minutes afterwards. We then decided to go to Rocky Point Haunted House...well, we never made it in because I felt so OLD! It is okay when I am surrounded by all of my friends, but the next oldest couple was at least 20 years my junior!! So, Dylan and I decided to go see "Cabin Fever" instead.....not playing anymore at our theatre! I gave up! By then my allergies were out of control, my runny nose was giving me a sore throat, I was tired, and I just wanted a eucalyptus bubble bath and my bed....both of which I got. This morning I am feeling well rested and allergies are not so bad.

Today, more running around with Dylan. Tomorrow, working around the house.

Had a wonderful dinner with a fantastic friend on Thursday. I felt that we had connected in a way that we have not had a chance to connect in, honest, protective of one another, sincere, full of acceptance and grace. We also discovered in the 100 years we have been friends, we have never had an arguement. We don't share all of the same opinions, but we greatly respect each others. How nice is it to have that much of a friendship this many years? I thank the Gods and Goddesses for keeing this person in my life and I know she will always be there. Thank you my wonderful friend.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Dear Diary Monday....

Was not such a good night...went to bed with the headache, was kept awake by the headache, did not go into work because of the headache. I have discovered that the headache is due to the fact that I keep all of my stress in my neck and shoulders, which travels to my head AND that I have allergies so bad that I can't stop sneezing (and I sneeze VERY hard) and that causes my headache. So, today, I lived on Benadryl, which kept me from sneezing BUT also kept me very asleep.....which I did not enjoy much. I did manage to get all of the headstones painted and now will need to work on the details (outling, shading, lettering)....and working on them with my father was a helluva lot of fun and we did manage, or I managed, to paint most of the grass in our backyard.

I have been doing a lot of studying in regards to my Wicca practices, which has been helping with my centering and energy placement. Also, not allowing negativity into my life has helped, as well as, staying positive. I have also been doing my best to take on a lot of the responsibility in some stress areas, like friendship, which is helping me as well. There have been several "rays of sunshine" that have helped, just by popping their heads up to say "HI" or "Just wanted you to know I miss you" or "Hey, you know I love you!".....that helps more than anything, so thank you to those folks.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....

It is starting to amaze me how much fun Dylan's new shift has turned out to be!

Yesterday we drove up to Park City and to say that we have the most beautiful mountain in the world in autumn would be an understatement. There were parts that looked as if someone had painted them. We then went shopping to the Outlet Mall and then headed into the old Park City and had a wonderful lunch at Park City Pizza and Noodle company. It was such a splendid time of just being with him, being around true love. We then headed home to do some minor shopping down here and then over to Gardner Village to see the decorations of "witches" that they have every year. There are few things I find more romantic than walking around that place, in autumn, with it decorated in witches and pumpkins, in the evening. After that, it was late so we headed back to Dylan's to relax. Oh, and we picked up Del Taco because I NEEDED it!

Today is going be spent shopping and doing some Halloween projects. I have decided to get most of the "work" for Halloween done early this year so that I can REALLY enjoy the remainder of the month. I know that the "business" that will follow me this month only gets more and more, so I want to get as much work done as possible.

Next weekend has already started to shape up nicely. This Friday starts the month long "Lorene only has to work a half day on Friday", so Dylan and I are already making plans. We have some shopping to do for a weeding, and we are planning on going to a haunted house, and a whole bunch more things going on. All I can say is.....WOOHOO, MY MONTH IS HERE!!!!

Also, my attitude and energy is back in line and I am feeling better than I have in a few months. Finally getting some sleep, being around the person I love more than anything, and finally feeling the magic that autumn brings has brought me back to being who I truly am.