Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

My Daddy had the best day hanging out with my husband yesterday! He taught Dylan how to fix the lights in the front yard, the sprinkler system, and then they proceeded to tear apart the sink in my bathroom.....and did not fix it.....and left it all torn apart for me to come home and fix. All kidding aside, my Dad had a really fun time spending the day with Dylan just because he got to teach somebody some things that they did not know. And Dylan was no worse for it. And yes, the sink is now fixed and just fine....thanks for asking.

My weekend is another one of those that I will have about 5 minutes total to myself. I think I just need to get use to not having a lot of time to myself, unless it is spent sleeping. And because most of this weekend is going to be revolving around both sets of parents, I am not too disgruntled over it. And I am REALLY hoping that with getting Father's Day out of the road, that the next celebrations won't be CLEAR until Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....keeping my fingers crossed that things will settle down for awhile until then.

Things that make me smile in the morning: Baby kitten, Lizzie, crawling on to my lap, crawling up my chest, laying down, closing her eyes, and smiling and purring at me.

Things that make me smile at night: Melvin crawling under the blankets with me, resting his head on my arm, purring and smiling at me until we fall asleep.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was good, but too short. I actually quite a lot with getting yardwork done, spending time with the folks and Dylan, playing "plumber" with the bathroom sink, and getting my mountain bike ready to ride. It was a nice weekend, very calm, no real plans....just a good weekend.

This week Dylan and I are both back to the gym and back to eating much healthier than we have been. We had my 7 layer salad for dinner last night while we watched a bit of the ECW pay-per-view....the second half we will be watching tonight. It felt good on my stomach, which has been acting out, to be eating healthy. We are also cutting out carbonated beverages (slowing down to start until we are not drinking them at all, except as a treat), which will wildly different for Dylan as he consumes quite a few in a day. Yesterday, he had only one and I was very, very proud of him.

This weekend is already coming up busy. I will be shopping for Father's Day this Friday night, the Amish Quilt Show on Saturday day, the evening is still up in the air until I hear from Michelle, and Sunday is of course, Father's Day. But it is a weekend that will be packed with a lot of fun and love, so even though it is busy, it will be great!

Small things that make me smile: When you first step into the shower in the morning and the water on your toes is the perfect warm temperature.....