Thursday, February 26, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

It was a fabulous day! I took it easy, kept up a good pace, and accomplished twice as much as I had planned. I did four loads of laundry, scrubbed down (ceiling to floor) both of the bathrooms, vacuumed the entire house, dusted the entire house, scrubbed the kitchen floor....twice (thank you to two dogs who kept running outside where it was wet), scrubbed the hamster condo, baked an angel food cake, made dinner, waxed my eyebrows, and managed to get my toenails and fingernails painted a beautiful yet strange color that I cannot describe. I also, in the midst of doing all of that, took my mother down to get her hair done and picked her up...she decided this morning she needed to get her hair permed and to "get out of my way" so I agreed. I was going to scrub the carpets today, but the folks insisted they were not up to that.

The next two days are for just Dylan and I. I am feeling very "needy" this weekend, so Dylan is going to chauffeur me around and about and we are going to just reconnect and enjoy each other and this weekend. Sunday, thank you to all that I did today, will be me on the couch doing nothing!

My attitude and energy are back where they should be. I had a nice long talk with myself about work and decided that being angry is not going to help. Being disgusted was fun, but now I need to move on. The emotion that works best for me, and for me team (since it is apparent that I have a personality that seems to soak through to everyone else for whatever reason) is to be more of a "team player" and try and help everyone else overcome their disgust. I figure if I can help everyone to enjoy their 9-12 hours of work, I will enjoy it more too.

Best feeling in the world: realizing that with not much more effort you accomplished more tasks than you set out to do...

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Today was a tough day at work. I tried to maintain the good attitude, but just couldn't. The good news of the day is that we are getting three new CSR's on is actually an old csr/adjustor returning who just quit and hated her job. It will be nice to have her back. The bad news is that things are staying the same...too much work, not enough people, nobody in the upper management areas cares what the moral is like. Thank the Goddess I am off the next two days.

Being that I came home in not such a good mood, I decided to take tonight off from the gym (I tore something last night in my work out and I am a little sore today) so I decided to go and get tortured. Yes, I had the old nails removed and new ones put on. If you have never experienced that, pretend that you are tearing your nail off of the nail bed and you might be close. The new nails looks great, but are not polished. I came home because I am going to polish them tomorrow after my cleaning day....oh and make them a bit shorter because they aren't short enough for me.

I have very positive thoughts for my friend Shane now. I am hoping he had a wonderful and exciting day and will be letting me know soon how things went for him.

Best feeling in the world: a brand new pillow, a fluffy blanket wrapped around my head, my heating blanket on "high" and a quilt over top of me, and my room is freezing.

Dear Diary Wednesday...

My mood is more upbeat at work today and I am going to try hard to keep it that way. I am sure that the only reason is that I have the next four days off, but who cares, the mood is better!

Wanna see something that makes me giggle...A LOT....

Anyways, yesterday at the gym when I was doing my first set of crunches with the weights, I actually heard and felt something tear. Today, I am getting cramps where it "tore". I am hoping I did not do too much damage because it is not going to stop me from going back. I am actually hoping that I tore some muscle and in the process, will be able to rebuild it better and stronger, as that is how body builders make their muscles bigger and better. Then again....

I was thrilled when I got my e-mail yesterday from Jeff letting me know he was not one of the individuals run down. I always appreciate it when I get e-mails like that from him..."Rene, I promise it was not me" kind of things..... thanks again Jeffy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday...

To say that the last two days have been trying ones would be unfair....they were horrible! We have had clients in for the last two days so everyone has been on their best behavior. Couple that inconvenience with a ridiculous amount of call volume and work load does not amount to a bunch of happy people.

Yesterday I started Mom back to the gym, and she only did one mile on the track. We then ran to Wal-Mart and back home where I finally crashed last night. It is so very nice when my body is in it's "sleeping phase." Today I went to my weight in/meeting and then to the gym, for the full workout. I did two miles on the track, 100 crunches with 10 lb weights and 200 normal crunches. I have not done a lot since I got home, and I am going to continue that until I go to bed.

Tomorrow is officially my last day of work for this week. I am taking Thursday off to do some things around the house and yard that have not been taken care of. Friday and Saturday I am hopefully, going to be spending with Dylan, getting reacquainted since we really have not spent much time together. Sunday, I believe that day will be mine to completely rest. Things might change by then, but I am totally looking forward to having four days away from work.

I did discover something that irritated me today. I am working on the irritating, because I am not sure why it bothered me so much. When I work through it, I will blog about it.

Oh, and I have the strangest, overwhelming feeling of depression hit me at work today. I believe it was brought on by the body's need for rest, the mind's need for a break, and how overwhelmed I am with my workload. I fought it through and managed to leave work in a really good mood.

And I forgot to tell you about the sassy and handsome man I saw on tv last night....that would be JEFFY!!! He was reviewing "The Passion of the Christ" on KSL and he looked fantastic!!!!!

Best feeling in the world: taking a blanket out of the dryer and wrapping it around yourself so that you are fully engulfed in the warmth.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

The weekend was good. Dylan and I went to dinner with Chet and Shane on Friday, totally prepared to try the new Dodo. Unfortunately, the line was almost out the door, so we headed to McGrath's Fish House. The food was wonderful but the company was surpberb. The Breeeze-Rickett group was again, some of the best company I have shared. We have decided that we are going to try to do this "dinner thing" a lot more.

Saturday my mom decided that she wanted to try and do shopping. Because she has to move a lot slower or she starts to cough, the day was long. I finally got home, totally exhausted, and starting with my own cough. We got all of the purchased goods put away, and then I got ready to go to dinner with the Netzlers and the Adams for Brian's birthday. Thankfully the company was so wonderful that the ridiculously long wait we had went by very quickly.

Today I am going to, again, sanitize the whole house. My energy is back on track, so I have no doubt I will have this job completed by noon, and then hopefully I will be able to do some relaxing.

And can I just add that I am looking forward to it getting warmer so that I can start planning some outdoor get togethers??? I miss seeing my entire group of friends together and it is so difficult to accomplish that feat when it is winter time and nobody has any room to have everyone over at one time!

Best feeling in the world: When walking along a street when it is completely quiet and hearing the faintest russle of a breeze in the last leaves in the trees