Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Very bad day......

It did start out as a great day. Part of our computer system was still down while they worked on it, I got all of my work done, had pretty much got my boss's desk cleaned up and then it happened. They came out onto the floor to say that the system was up and running......but didn't bother to train anybody or tell them of any changes. SOOO, people start seeing the new screens and start freakin' out...rightfully so. Oh, and did I mention that in Toni's department, they didn't bother to even tell them anything, or ask them anything, about the new system. In essence, it just quadrupled (or should I use crippled) Toni's work load. And the feeling that I got was "just shut the fuck up, don't ask questions, do your job and deal with it"....which is exactly what I am doing. Oh, and did I mention that the other team on the floor is now treating me like I have the plague?? Yep. So I am going to mention something to their supervisor and then keep silently to myself at my desk and try not to interfere with their lives. I have given up. It is obvious that the company I work for doesn't care about anybody that works there....so I will just do my job and do it as wonderfully as I already do until I find something else.

Did I mention how much I am looking forward to the weekend?

Oh, and I am gonna try and make somebody an Easter basket....

Monday, March 11, 2002

Good day.....good weekend.....

The weekend started off wonderfully....hung out at Hoffman's for Grace's 32nd b-dy party. I was just so excited to see verybody AND find out that Grace is older than me!!!! It was nice to sit around and discuss things with everybody, be enterained by a four year old in love with boobs and see everybody, especially Grace, age in front of my eyes!!

Then Saturday I did some shopping with mom and then hung out with Dylan....who surprised with a new charger for my cell phone. He is exactly what I always wanted, but would never say out loud....the person who always comes to your rescue...either in words or deeds. He is always there to hold me when I need it, give me compliments when I need it, and buy me stuff when I am a stupid ass and leave it in Vegas, when I don't ask for it. Gawd, it is nice to be taken care of!!!!

Then Sunday I went to breakfast and the Home and Garden show with the folks...and got to play with FLYING SQUIRRELS!! I would love one of those cute little things, but they are wild, nocturnal, and need a lot of interaction or they go back to being wild and I unfortunately don't have the time to give to that kind of responsibility. Then went to dinner with Dylan and had to have him bring me home so I could sleep....and sleep I did. Was in bed by 6:45 and slept until this morning...how scary is that! That should tell you what little sleep I got the rest of the weekend.

Is it pathetic to say how excited I already am for this weekend???????

And Connie.....if you were naieve and young at 19, what the fuck is your excuse now????(wink!!!!!)