Thursday, June 20, 2002


Kinda how I am feeling now. I ran myself crazy all this week at home and at work and now I am feeling it, which is typical just before Friday. I have become one of those people that don't feel like going out and being crazy insane-like Friday in celebration of the work week being finished...I am too damn tired!! However, being that Dylan and I are only communicating now by the e-mail and he will be working tomorrow night, I am spending my Fridayh night with my mom shopping!!! Tonight, after a very long day at work, I came home and cleaned the hamster cage and then painted my nails....all the while having an in depth conversation with my mother about a few current books she has read and wants. Now, those who are fortunate enough NOT to live with me probably do not realize that I am not very talkative 1) in the morning and 2) right when I get home. However, I bit my tongue and enjoyed listening to her go on and on and on........

Anyways....has anybody besides me started looking for their Halloween costume????

Easy test.....

Unlike the rest of you poop-heads, my test is easier....

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Instant Karma.....

The "work attitude" was horrible for me today. I got up with a piss-poor attitude and it just seemed to get worse all day. I kept a smile on my face, but everyone knew that something was up. I was told in my "attitude meeting" last week that MY attitude has the largest impact on our team and other people and EVERYBODY is effected....meaning, when I am in a great mood, all others are in a great mood, when I am pissy, all others are the smile tactic was so that I could not be continuously blamed for others bad attitude. Well, we decided to get soup and sandwiches today. I got cheddar bacon soup. I wasn't really hungry so it kinda sat on the side of my desk for about two hours until I decided to throw it away. That is when the Gods and Goddess decided to strike their lesson upon me. I nailed the soup into the side of my computer and it proceeded to EXPLODE all down the front of my shirt, my pants, my chair, the floor, my desk....everywhere! I had to have Toni come with me into the bathroom to clean up, the receptionist had to find me a t-shirt to wear and I SCRUBBED every inch of my cubie space. When it happened, and everybody could hear it, they all sat in frightened silence, knowing that the language that would erupt from my lips would make demons cringe in fear. Alas, I took a deep breath and started to laugh because it was a hilarious sight to sitting with cheddar bacon soup in my lap. As soon as I started to laugh, the entire team burst out laughing. Fortunately I learned that even in a horrible attitude day, I can make a worse situation a tension breaker. So, the mood for me changed.

Oh, and my poor Dylan is working lots and lots of OT for the next 11 days. He is at work by 6:30 am and isn't getting home until 10:00 at night. But it is a good cause.....he will be getting those bills all paid off and we are taking serious talk about a house..........WOOHOOOO! His biggest dream is a home where he can pick his own animal to live there with him. And he has come to except the idea of us having a zoo.......

Thank the Gods and Goddess that the weekend is soon......

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

First day back...

First day back to work is always the worst. I am still not caught up on my desk and will be working plenty of extra hours this week to get it there. Oh well, after my "attitude check" meeting last week, I will just do what I can do and that is all.

I forgot to let you all know that I got a new Henna tattoo in Vegas on the left is a really pretty flower, cant remember the name of the flower, but it is pretty.

Oh, and Babs (the new Saturn) got her Permaplate and Clear Coat Protection today and is looking mighty stylish. She only gets parked in the covered parking now and away from all the bad people. She doesn't like to be in the sun all day because the interior gets hot which makes all of my stuffed animals hot. Can't wait to show her to everybody.

So, the 4th of July is coming up...should we start to plan something?

And Congratulations to Jen's sister and to Jen.....I hear she got to cut the umbilical bungee of the baby...that is way cool!!

Monday, June 17, 2002


Mesquite and Vegas were a helluva lot of fun, but I am so happy to be home! I have only been home for about an hour and I am already unpacked, visited with my new nephew BEAR and Toni and Rob, had dinner with the folks, cleaned out the e-mail and read everybody's blog! Eventually I am going to relax and get ready for bed, but for now, I feel like writing.

So, day one of the trip to Mesquite sucked! I was sick all the way down and irritable because I didn't feel good. We got to our room, which was VERY impressive, relaxed, I took a shower, and we went to the Eureka Casino for dinner which SUCKED! However, the opportunity to snuggle up and sleep in the same bed with Dylan made everything worthwhile. Oh, and we made a friend the first day. A little old man who seemed to be in the latter stages of Parkinsons, fell on the side of his truck and so Dylan and I picked him up and he was fine once he got on his feet. He was staying in his truck, so the rest of the time in Mesquite we would make sure his truck was still there and he was not lying beside it.

Day two we went into Vegas and spent the day there. Unfortunately, by the end of the day Dylan was well on his way to a migraine, so we headed back to Mesquite, had a misunderstanding and didn't speak to each other the rest of the night.

Day three we went back to Vegas and did a helluva lot more walking, had a great dinner, headed back to the hotel. Dylan went and gambled for awhile and I took a jacuzzi bath. He came back and we decided to head over to get some liquor and munchies. We both had ONE drink apiece and were pretty much done for the old are we!!!

Day four we headed back to Utah, stopping to have lunch in St. George and watching powerful dust devils start up about every 10 miles all the way home. We hit Orem at about 5:20 and sat in traffic for a good hour!!! Utah rush hour driving is mind boggling.

Oh, by the way, I am sure Dylan is going to post a lovely comment that I made in Mesquite about the Shaq...just ignore him...he is making it up and I never did say that!

Oh, Jeffy....."I'm gonna find her, I'm gonna kill her!" our wedding song?????????