Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

The dog kennel is COMPLETE! Dylan and I spent a little over an hour yesterday afternoon putting the fencing on the kennel, securing everything....and I was very impressed with our accomplishment. Not trying to brag, but we make a damn good team! AND, Coal and Helga did not seem to unhappy with it.....thanks to getting lots and lots of treats. Oh and speaking of Coal, my baby has a cold!! He is snotting everywhere, is phlegmy, and you can tell he just does not feel well. He will be visiting the doctor today for a shot in the bum.

Topic of conversation at lunch yesterday....and we had two....the first was Forgiving and Forgetting. I found, to my delight as I thought I was a freak, that many people believe in Forgiving (as I do) but do not "forget". Why, you may ask....and this was the discussion yesterday....if you forget, it opens you up to having the same issue repeated. I have tried to do the "forgive and forget" did my friends, and each one of us had an experience that we could relate to the others about having that same issue repeated on us. Why would you put your hand into a cupboard to get a cookie, having the cupboard door slammed on your hand, and then turn around and forgive the cupboard door, forget about the issue, and STICK YOUR FUCKING HAND IN THE CUPBOARD AGAIN KNOWING YOUR HAND WAS GOING TO BE SLAMMED IN THE DOOR?! I forgive, we are all human, we are all fallible, we all make mistakes, I am not above forgiving. But I won't forget....I don't care who you are (ask my family) because I won't allow having the same thing happen to me. Nobody likes getting their feelings hurt....and I won't allow them to be hurt repeatedly by the same person over the SAME FUCKING ISSUE. Nope, just can't do it. I have removed people from my lives for this (see previou posts about my sister) and I will also remove you from my life if you decide that you can hurt my feelings by doing a variety of different things. It was a really interesting discussion....I absolutely loved it!

The second part was me being a Wiccan, which I take very seriously and to heart. I have a friend at work that just discovered I was a Witch and she is VERY interested in learning about. Why? Because she was raised very LDS/Christian and had some VERY negative experiences with "witchcraft" and instead of taking those experiences as gospel and not wanting anything to do with me, because of her experiences, she wants to LEARN about Wicca and about the truth of it. What a novel idea! This woman is soooooo open to learning about new things that she is actually wanting to READ about Wicca so she can get a better understanding of ME and my spirituality. I LOVE HER! How often do you come across people that were raised with a certain ideology, have had horrific (and I am not exaggerating by using that word) experiences with "witchcraft" (It was not Wicca she had an experience with, but a clinically insane person who did bad things in the name of "witchcraft" to her and her siblings) but wants to truly learn and understand WHAT Wicca is. Again, she has yet to stop impressing me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Oh dear, I made a horrible mistake....I think! I gave a really nice person at my work my cell phone number and now she is calling me NON-STOP! I just gave it to her yesterday and she has already called me 6 times....the latest one being at 5:00 am this morning. She is wonderful, we are building a friendship....BUT BACK OFF! I understand about wanting to talk to someone, I understand about building friendships, but there is a time when a person can be just toooooo pushy, and she is getting there very quickly. I have had a lot of this the last couple of the days. I even had another person at my work, after I was OBVIOUSLY busy and said, "Can you hang on for just a minute until I finish this,?" look at me and say "Well, okay, but anyways......". I don't get it! If I am busy....leave me alone and when I want to talk to you, we will talk! It needs to be a mutual thing or I am gonna ignore you and give you crusties! I guess I just don't get the need to be pushy when it comes to being a friend. I have lots and lots of friends....friends I talk to every day, friends I talk to once a year, friends I talk to once in a decade. They are my friends, will always be my friends....but we don't need to be up in each other's face at every moment! What the hell!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I took too many Tylenol PM's last night and I am paying for it today. Forgive me if I have a ton of spelling errors as I am typing with my eyes closed right now.

I am off early on Friday as Dylan and I are spending our weekend doing yardwork at my folks house and our house. We are going to be trimming my folks trees....and I mean REALLY TRIMMING, probably trimming the rose bushes, and then we need to work on our yard. I am excited about the opportunity of working with Dylan and having him learn some new things about the yard....not so excited about how sore I know I will be after it is all finished. BUT at least I won't have to worry about my folks trying to do all of this themselves.

I have a really good friend here at my I have just become friends with in the last six months. She is an AMAZING woman with a wicked sense of humor. She has had one of the worst lives I could imagine growing up, but has become such a wonderful lady from all of it. People like her are what give me hope, give me energy, remind me where true strength comes from. She blames NO ONE for what she had to go through, she raised two sons by herself, she has put herself through school (still attending) and is just SUCH an inspiration. She has bad days, but she comes over, asks for a hug, we sit and bullshit about what is going on, she is better. She keeps telling me that my listening, giving her feedback, and making her laugh helps her so much, but it is HER that is helping....she gives me inspiration every day to be a better person. She isn't pushy with her friendship, we have let it grow and blossom in it's own time, and I appreciate that. What a truly remarkable person and I wish I could have everyone meet her.....THAT is how amazing she is!! Yep, I have a new hero today.....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Oh, what a weekend!!! Friday I left work after being off-site and by the time Dylan came to get me, I was SOOOO SICK! I think I got a bit of food poisoning, so our Friday night was not nearly as fun as it could have been. We did manage to get some Petsmart shopping and Costco shopping done.

Saturday we shopped like crazy people all day!!! We hit the Malls, we hit the music stores, we hit the clothing stores, we hit the name it. It was a great, great time and we got a lot of things actually accomplished and just had such a nice time together.

Sunday, I took my parents shopping all day and then Dylan and I went to his Great Grandmother's 99th birthday party for the evening. I thought we would be able to stop by a viewing but things just did not go as plan. First of all, Dylan's folks did not know about the time change so by the time they found out about it, it was time for the party and they had not even left the house...AND they were picking up the birthday girl!!!! So, the party was an hour later than planned which means it went an hour later than we had was just a comedy!!!