Friday, April 27, 2007

Dear Diary Friday...

Oh gawd....I truly understand now the definition of BACK-ASSWARDS!! We had a "migration"of our computers done last night....well, I had my computer migrated last night as they are doing about 10 people a night. The reason being is because our software is connected to some other banking software and it should not be. So, they decided to migrate all of us over to another server, and at the same time update people. OH GOD! IT WAS HELL! I got in this morning, I had 1/2 the icons I use, I had no idea where my e-mail was and it took me an hour to find two of the applications that I find and save them to my desktop. SOOOOOO, IT gets in and I am first on their list. Good news is that I found out that I actually have a new computer but in the old "box" so that nobody knows I got something new (don't ask, I have connections). Bad took them almost three hours to get back all of the applications that I needed (which is this COMMON TO THIS MIGRATION TO FIX EVERYTHING) and I still can't print all of my applications...oh yeah, it put me right in a good mood. So, we "updated" to create a whole bunch of work for the IT department and cause those of us that usually come in very early to keep caught up to be about three hours behind. Ohhhh, we are also having a massive DRILL today of the entire BLOCK so I will be gone for another hour when that starts! Thank goodness that Toni is coming up to have lunch today or I might be crying right about now.....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

Yesterday was a really long day at work. I have picked up two more carriers (states) and so when I got back from a team recognition meeting, I was here for another two hours getting caught upon their messages and e-mails that they sent me. When I finally got home, Dylan and I had dinner and then I had a migraine come on REALLY quick. I spent the entire night just tossing and turning because I could not get comfortable and could not stop the pain. It is gone this morning, and amazingly enough, I don't feel too groggy. However, thanks to the PMS, I woke up in one of my typical "morning moods" where I am not very friendly NOR DO I want to have a lengthy conversation with people. I am coming out of it, but some people just are such attention whores that they keep talking to me and talking to me and talking to me.....

Tonight, Dylan is going out with Jeff and I get the house to myself for awhile. I think I will be doing a bit of yardwork and playing with the puppies but mostly just doing stuff that I want to do. Maybe I will even walk over and say "Hi" to my folks, but I doubt it. Yep, I am still pretty pissed off about the comments that they made to me and am not really at a place yet that I am willing to forgive, even though my Mom has apologized...I'm just not there yet.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday.

I have new hair....and the initial reviews of it were not stellar. In fact, I sat at home and cried all afternoon and all night. But I like it more today!

My hair is now short, spiked in the back, has an A-line cut on the bangs, and is red and blonde. I stopped by my folks house after getting it done and my Mother proceeded to tell me that I looked like a "nightmare" and my Dad called me the name of my mentally challenged nephew who likes to punk out his hair all the time. Needless to say, I left their house by slamming the door and cried from that point forward. Dylan tried to make me feel better....he loves my new hair cut and color, but there was nothing last night that would make me feel better. I got up this morning and styled it a little bit different than it was yesterday and the most brutally honest person in the world, Caroline, who I work with came in and LOVED my hair. I have had several guys come up to me today at work and tell me how flattering it is and how much they like the it is not as bad as I was made to believe. I thought today was going to be a horrible day, but I think it is turning out to be a pretty good one. However, it might take me a few days to speak to my folks again....they have NEVER said such cruel things to me in my entire 36 years of being on this planet, so I am going to take my time in forgiving them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Things that make me smile when I get up tired, in the morning:

1. Coconut flavored coffee with gingerbread creamer
2. French toast flavored coffee with normal creamer
3. Fun flavored gum...stuck on Mojito flavored Orbit gum
4. Melvin walking around the house, crying at the top of his lungs, looking for me and then finding me just to come and give me a big kiss
5. Helga Joe coming to the bathroom while I am doing my make up just to have her head patted
6. Coal wanting to snuggle
7. Lying in bed watching a scary movie with my husband the night before
8. A random compliment on my hair by a total stranger

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

It started with me leaving work early on Friday and going to pick up my Daddy's taxes and then Dylan and I were off! We had lunch, went and bought a new TV for the bedroom, did some shopping for Costco, just a lot of running around. Saturday we went and bought plants, shopped for my clothes, bought some CD's had a really wonderful day and then we watched the pay-per-view UFC was FUN! Sunday we got up and I mowed the lawn before it decided to rain, Dylan got our grocery shopping done and then we just RELAXED the entire day until he had to go to work. It was the perfect weekend for us....spending lots and lots of time together and just getting some necessary (and unnecessary) stuff done and enjoying it. The only "bad" part of the weekend is when Helga decided to run up the stairs and ran INTO the stairs with her nose and mouth. She had a bit of a bloody nose and a little blood on one of her teeth, but I called the emergency vet and got an idea of what a concussion looks like, and she didn't have one and seems to be doing just fine today. Poor baby!!!

I am in a much better frame of mind this week and I feel I will be much more productive at work AND at home. I just needed a weekend to reset my attitude, I believe!