Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a FANTASTIC that was much needed and well deserved. Dylan and I finally made it out to Wendover on Saturday night and just had a great time and relaxed and enjoyed being together. We then came home on Sunday afternoon, spent some time with my Dad for Father's Day, and then relaxed the rest of the afternoon. It was nice to be able to get out of town, even if it was only for 24 hours and Dylan has really deserved this get away for being such a great supporter with all of the stuff going on with my family the last several weeks.

Week is looking good, even though I have no plans. I am working an odd kind of schedule this week and going to keep doing some small projects every night. We have some monster-like yardwork we need to do this weekend and, of the sun, moon, and stars all align properly, we might be able to do a few projects around the house. However, I am not going freak out....or really even care if we don't get everything done. All I really care about is getting the yard weeded....that's the biggest thing on my mind right now.

Work has been good. I have really been focused on helping other people out with their work situation lately and haven't really put a lot of thought into my own, so I might start doing that a bit this week. I want to work on my resume'.....need to update it and make it look better. Other than that, I am just going to keep looking to see what is out there and keeping my ear to the ground for possibilities. I am not in any rush to move, which makes looking all the more fun.


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