Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

After a very trying day at work (and no, I am not going into details because it involved my feelings getting hurt) I went home and had an awesome night working out at the gym....until a group of young boys (about 8 years old) decided that they needed to be on the track, then be on the machines, and then pest people on the free-weights. That is when I flipped out. I not only told off the people running the front desk last night, I will be calling the mangement this morning. But the work out was spectacular!!! And then I went home, drank almost an entire bottle of wine, and SLEPT! It was not the best sleep, I did get up a few times, but there was definite REM involved and so I am doing much better physically and emotionally today! YAY FOR SLEEP!!!

Tonight I am getting my nails done, then I plan on going to gym and then finishing off the bottle of wine. That is if my stomach will allow this. For whatever reason, I woke up this morning and not feeling very well....I am thinking it has been the change in the weather because I would hate to think that I am coming down with something right before a weekend. NNNNOOOO!!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

I thought last night after work was the night that I would finally crash really hard and sleep the whole night. I ate dinner with Dylan and then crawled into bed to read for a few minutes, felt myself getting sleep, managed to sleep for about two hours....and that was it. I was fully awake by 9:00 pm and spent the rest of the night reading and just relaxing. I even broke down and took a couple of pills to put me to sleep....and they did nothing. This is not the "typical" insomnia that I get, so I think the changing of the weather is throwing off my sleeping patterns. I have my fingers crossed that I will crash Friday night and sleep long and hard until Saturday morning. And honestly, when I am like this, I am just pathetic. I think tonight I am going to have a couple of glasses of wine or something else to see if that will help.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

As a family, we received wonderful news last night. My cousin Gary had two of the three bags removed, has improved dramatically, and is meeting with doctors all of this week to discuss different options for the chemo and cancer....things are finally starting to look up for that part of my family, a part of my family that I love very, very much. I think this will finally give me a chance to take a breath.

My sleeping has sucked lately. I woke up almost every 40 minutes last night and then would toss and turn for about 20 minutes before falling asleep again, then waking up in 40 minutes. I did the same thing the night before as well. For whatever reason, this is a cycle that I have been running for Sunday night through Tuesday nights for every week for almost two months. And don't even ask me about sleeping pills.....I have tried and they apparently do not work.

The folks are doing so well! My mom and I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly and my Dad has taken to going for a walk by himself every night around the block. Plus, with working on quilts AND keeping up the yardwork, they are keeping themselves very busy. I have already started talking to my Dad about a project for this Fall/Winter in regards to building me a table for my office that will be turning into a display room....Dylan and I have decided to start collecting Department 56 Halloween Town items and are very excited. My Dad will make me a table for that room and then we are going to have my Mom make a black cover for it so we can put the stuff on it. Pretty fun!

Speaking of Halloween, Dylan and I have already started looking for Halloween decorations and stuff. Dylan has ordered me three new craft books from Amazon and I am really excited about getting those....hopefully by the weekend!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

So, my cousin Gary, who is battling cancer, has had a bad month so far and all of my energy has been devoted to him and his family. They gave him three options on the bladder cancer surgery, he opted for the one that took his whole bladder and they would need to "build" him a new bladder. He came out of a 9 hour surgery and was doing absolutely wonderful...until the doctor came in and told him and his family that they had found traces of the cancer in his lymph nodes and we all had to wait for almost three days to find out how bad that was. After many tears and phone calls, we were all happy to find out that the cancer had just barely started into the lymph nodes and so we had options. Gary finally got to come home only to be rushed back to the ER because he was not having bowel movements. He didn't have to be admitted and things finally "worked their way out" and he is doing good. Now today we are waiting to hear from the family after they meet with the Oncologist to find out how much chemo he will have to be going through. And we all have our fingers crossed that he will get all three bags removed today as well.

Other than that, life has been pretty enjoyable and not very stressful. I have been spending a lot of time just hanging out with Dylan and relaxing. In fact, Dylan and I spent all day Saturday and Saturday night not moving from our comfy couch and watching TV and videos. It was sooooooo much fun just to snuggle with him all day.

Sunday I spent the day shopping with the folks and then doing yardwork. I am having to get my Daddy out of the house one day a week or he starts to go cabin crazy. We walked around Costco and then walked around Wal-mart and then he was exhausted and wanted to go home. During this bad stretch of hot weather, he and my Mama have been working on two new quilts and have two more in "mind" that are going to be just beautiful!