Saturday, December 22, 2001

Good day, long week, good weekend......

Wow, it is finally the weekend. I was thinking that the "weekend" would start for me yesterday, since I took off another Friday...but was I wrong. I was up at 5:30 and I didn't stop until I got home last night at 11:30...but well worth it. I only have two more gifts to buy and I am finished with Christmas. I think I achieved an all time personal record this year for most money spent...but I am okay with it. With finally finding the "Christmas spirit" so late in the game, I think that was my way of making up for it.

Oh, saw "Lord of the Rings" last night...and OH MY HELL! That was probably THE BEST movie I have ever watched. And the evening was only heightened by being with the best group of friends ever. I was even delighted that some people who I haven't seen in awhile decided to show, some "newbies" have joined also. It was just an all around wonderful evening. Other than Dylan hurting in his tummy, which was cured by ample doses of drugs and a good squishing by all the boys. Oh, by the way boys, I much prefer being squished against the wall than on the grass every was just a little more comfortable.

So, today is a "play" day. Dylan and I are going to go out and just be together. We are going to go and see My Boys for a little while to give them their gifts and that is basically the only plan. We haven't had a chance to hang out just the two of us, unless it was to X-mas shop, in over a month, so I think we are both looking forward to this.

Oh, the irritating troll on Toni's side of the work fell in the parking lot and broke her shoulder in two places. Now, I normally would be jumping for joy, but this has tripled Toni's work load...which is not cool. Toni was already swamped, this just put the lid on the jar of mud that is now her work. Hopefully, after the beginning of the new year, things will mellow out for her....that and I plan on getting her really drunk tomorrow night. Oh, and we get her spaghetti tomorrow night..........yummy!!

Did I mention how awesome "The Lord of the Rings" is?

Monday, December 17, 2001

Good day but long.....

Yeah, the optimal word is LONG. I got to work about an hour early, do to not being their on Friday, and by the time I left, having also worked through my lunch, I was finally caught up from Friday and today. I do have a stack of work to go into tomorrow...but that was from my supervisor. And tomorrow is our Company Christmas Party...woo-fuckin'-hoo. I have already expressed my desire not to go to the event, but to stay and work at my desk and have already been told that it is not an option. Sooo, I will probably go and then sneak back upstairs to my desk. After having my ass chewed for three weeks by the Pit Boss, I have no real desire to be festive with her.

Then, I came home to work on wreaths. Every year at this time, my father and I make about two dozen wreaths to put on the graves of our family and friends that have passed on. Not a particularly enjoyable event, but I love to spend time with my daddy and I am the only one that will do this with him. I even had to deny myself the honor of going to dinner with Dylan and his family. Oh well, any time I spend with my Daddy is good time. We finally finished that up at about 7:30...because I ran out of hot glue sticks....and then I decided that it was time to tackle MY ROOM. As big of a neatnik as I am, my rooms has been a disaster for about 2 months now. I finally got all of my clothes put away, shoes put away (shut up Toni) and everything straightened up. I would hate it if Santa came and saw how bad it was!!!

Oh, and can I just express my dislike at hairballs? I have two cats that have been non-stop puking up hairballs today!! I am purchasing stock in the Resolve Carpet Cleaning company just because of today! I have almost used a half of a bottle just on those two damn cats!! Yes, they both have received an ample quantity of hairball medication as well. If for no other reason, than it made me happy to push yucky crap down their throats!!!

And guess what? It is snowing again! It started to melt away yesterday and today, but we have a little front coming through tonight, so it should put down about an inch or two...just enough to make everything pretty and white all over again.

Oh, it is only Monday and I am dreading the remainder of the week. Tomorrow...dinner with Dylan and his family. Wednesday...coming home to wrap. Thursday....coming home to wrap. Friday...I am off work and going shopping and then to Lord of the Rings. and wrapping. Sunday....getting together( I hope ) with everybody. Monday....who the hell knows. Tuesday....Christmas, finally. As much Christmas spirit as I have finally achieved, I will be happy when it is over. This year has just seemed too hard. I haven't had a chance to really enjoy the holidays....Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However....I am going to Vegas with my loved ones in February/March, so that will give me a lot to look forward to.

Did I mention that it is snowing again??????