Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Diary Friday...

Yay for a three day weekend!!!!

This week had so much turmoil and drama. We had more animal drama this week, my wounds after my Spooky attacked me last weekend have not completely healed, but are on the mend, and work has been more than amusing. I guess when it comes to work, I have had in the past so much more stress, that what is going on where I work now is just funny! However, I am still at the point with the place that I can go in, do my job, and go home without thinking about it.....and I still like that. Plus, I have met some really fantastic people at my work and they make it worthwhile.

The weekend is going to be a fun one. Tonight Dylan and I are going to be going to dinner and then we are just going to see what real plans. We had thought about staying home and getting pizza, but going out seems a lot more fun. Plus, Dylan is getting Coal "social tested" at a kennel today and so he will probably need to go out and have a beer! Saturday is going to be our "home project" day. We are going to get shelves hung up, pictures hung up, some yardwork done....just things that need to be done around the house that we have been putting off. We are not going to work ourselves to death, but just enjoy doing what we can. Sunday I will spend the day doing any yardwork that I did get completed on Saturday and probably some laundry, and most importantly, just resting. I was thinking about making a big pot of cream of onion soup...I have been craving it and I am not sure why!! Monday....that will be my busy day. My parents want to do some MAJOR shopping for quilt stuff AND case lot stuff at Harmon's. I think they just need some time away from the house and animals and so it will be fun running them around....I'm glad I like doing that stuff!!!

Oh, and I am keeping all of my energy with Michelle right now. She has had a "cold" for two weeks that turned into a very severe sinus infection AND a touch of pneumonia! Poor kid!!!! She is on the mend, but what a crappy couple of weeks!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a truly eventful weekend and some of the events I could have done without!

Friday, Dylan and I went to dinner and then got all of our grocery shopping done. As much as I like shopping with Dylan, I just do not enjoy grocery shopping anymore because of how insanely crowded the stores get. Unfortunately the bad part of the night was when Tinkerbell decided to have a seizure because he was so excited. He has been really good about not having those, so I guess it was his turn.

Saturday Dylan and I went to breakfast and then did a whole bunch of running around. I then went over to my Mom's house and Tinker had ANOTHER seizure, this one was not so bad. After that scare, I went home to relax with Dylan. Unfortunately, Spooky had other plans. He decided to climb halfway through Dylan's square stereo antennae and then started flipping around in the office because he could not get out of it. I went in and grabbed me, and that is when the fun began. He was scared and hurting and when I grabbed him, he attacked me.....several times. My hands were all bit and cut up, he attacked my leg, I had blood going everywhere, and then I managed to get him to the ground and hold him until Dylan was able to come and help me. We got the square off of him and held him, hoping to calm him down. I then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up because I could feel shock starting to set in. Oh, it was a good time.

Sunday I did some housework and laundry and then had to go over to my parents house for ANOTHER animal emergency. My folks could not find Abbey but we found her...and not in good shape. She had been out in the rosegarden all day with no food, no water, and I think she must have gotten rolled by a car. I could see no injuries, got her to eat some food and water, and locked her in the garage. Oh and did I mention, during all of this since Spooky attacked the right hand has been swelling to outrageous sizes and is red and hot? Yep, it made taking care of animals FUN!

So this morning my right hand is gigantic, it is red, it is hot, and my middle finger is a whole new planet of pain. Yes, I am going to the Instacare after the gym tonight, if I can stand it that long at work. Aren't having animals fun??????