Sunday, September 29, 2002

Shopping, shopping, shopping!!

That is how I spent my Saturday. Mom and I got up and went and got my fingernails done (btw, Janet, they are now a sparkly white lilac but that will only last until Tuesday and then they are going Autumn Blaze for my Wendover trip), and then we hit the big sale at JCPENNEY'S. I got a very cute gray skirt with a black leather trim, a beautiful blue sweater that is FLUFFY but will look excellent with levi's, an autumn sweater, and something else I can't remember. We then went to lunch which is where I have discovered that carbonated beverages and I are no longer friends. We then hit the new Lane Bryant and I got two new levis (btw Toni, they are the cool ones you got me hooked on that are boot cut...YEAH), two beautiful tie up the front sweaters, two new dress slacks, and the coolest shirt in the world. We then walked down and I got two pairs of new shoes ( shut the fuck up TONI) and then went to Wal Mart and spent way too much money on just your average, everyday stuff that you need. We then went home, picked up Daddy and went to dinner, came home and watched "The Green Mile" which is an excellent movie. Now I am trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do today. It is a toss up between cleaning my bedroom (which is in a desperate state) and change my wardrobe over to Fall, or go play with the Parents, which sounds like much more fun. However, it is their call today.

Oh, by the way, Jennifer H, I realized that I told you the wrong info on the Autumnal Equinox and I apologize. I meant September 22 not October 22. Hope you didn't have "naked running around under the full moon" plans, which you can still due in October! I think that I was still thrilling from the scary evening to get my dates right for you. Oh, and for all of you wondering, yes I did celebrate the autumnal equinox on the right date and had a very powerful and wonderful spell that I cast for everyone's happiness. See, witches can too be nice!