Thursday, April 08, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

So, I went to bed at 7:00 last night, fell right to sleep, and was awakened by a ZOMBIE!! At 1:00 am this morning, I actually screamed myself away with a nightmare about zombies. Zombies are now my greatest fear, more than tumbleweeds and midgets. I am convinced that one day zombies are going to try and take over the will be the great ZOMBIE WAR. I hate them.....

What's worse...I had to have a co-workers walk me to the basement when I got here to get my diet coke because I was skeeerrrrred!!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Today I took a day off of work to help my daddy with some major projects in the yard and I am now exhausted. We removed all of the trees in the front yard, except the HUGE pine tree. Today we finished removing one tree that was determined to stay in the ground, planted some flowers, and then went to Glovers to get new bushes and trees. I planted three new Yew bushes (they weighed about 150 lbs a piece!) and one new scuplted pine and will be planting the other pine on Friday, along with going to get two more Yews. I also managed to clean my bedroom and the garage today. I am exhausted but I feel really good because I accomplished so much and did all of the heavy work so my daddy didn't have to. I am glad that the yard is getting back into better shape than it has been. Having spent all of last year taking care of the cats down the street took all of my time and energy, so none was left to give the yard. With all of the changes that have happened this year and The House having finally come to an end, I am spending my energy where it belongs, on things that I love doing and on me. That might sound totally selfish, but I decided that this was the year that I was going to start changing my life around...Focus on myself, my needs, my wants, my desires. I have joined WW for myself and am doing great. I am taking a class with Tonster. I am spending time volunteering. I am doing more with the folks. And now, I am spending more time on one of my greatest passions, yardwork.

Speaking of passions, I have been talking a lot to a co-worker about her relationship with her ex, which makes me more grateful for Dylan. Her ex never really was at all concerned about what made her happy in the bedroom. If you don't care about your spouses desires, in my opinion, then you don't care for you spouse. I just feel so bad for those individuals who don't know the great joy of truly connecting with their lover, not only as a sexual partner, but as your best friend. I guess I am selfish when it comes to this, but if my partner did not satisfy me in the bedroom, that person would no longer be my partner. There is sooooo much more to sex than just intercourse. There is so much more to sex than just the sexual areas. People forget that there are your senses and your BRAIN. Then again, I could just be ranting.....

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday...

To say that I am elated would not be close. The House is done!!!! We caught the last cat, Scaredy, and she has been fixed. She was also caught in the nick of time....Pregnant. I am going down to The House tonight to pick up all of my cat dishes and stuff and Kjori did a final "walk through" last night to make sure we did not miss a batch of kittens or anything. I just am so happy. It feels like the weight of the world, the weight that I have been carrying since March of last year, is GONE! Now I can move on to my next big project, which will be doing another "rescue" for No More Homeless Pets AND doing everything I can to make it known that West Valley Animal Control and the Humane Society of Utah were both useless entities in this situation. I will NO LONGER be donating anything to either organization, but will be doing all of my donations to No More Homeless Pets, CAWS, and Pet Samaritan.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Time: 7:41 pm
Music: None
Mood: very happy

Dear Diary Monday...

Today has just been an awesome day all the way around. I did not sleep much last night, but upon awakening this morning, I felt great! I accomplished a great deal at work and all of the bosses seem to be happy with the progress on the appeals. By tomorrow, I feel that the appeals will be totally caught up!!

I then came home and discovered that they had placed two huge dumpster in our neighborhood for neighborhood clean-up but did not bother to mention it to anyone. So my father and I managed to pull out three trees and one bush and are working on a fourth tree in our front yard. I then went across the street and cleaned up their yard with the help of their oldest boy and got all of their trash thrown away. I then went over to another neighbors house and informed him of the location of the dumpster and we cleaned out his backyard where he has been storing a bunch of garbage waiting for the dumpster! I did not make it to the gym, but I had a fantastic work out just in my own yard! I also managed to get the mother of all scrapes on one arm. I will be doing the same thing tomorrow night when I get home.

I went to WW on Saturday and am happy to report that I lost again. Not a significant amount this time, but a loss is a loss! I am back on track with the obnoxious amount of energy and have completely got my eating under control and structured. I did have Cafe Rio today for lunch but had a chicken fajita salad, no rice, and did not eat the tortilla that it comes on, so it was actually a very healthy salad!!!!