Saturday, June 07, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

I took yesterday off of work and all rejoiced! Yep, that is how bad I was on Wednesday. I actually got called into the PitBosses office on Thursday to make sure I was okay and to "let me in" on the plans she had for our department. I sat there, I listened, I did not care. When she was finished I asked if I could go back to my desk to get some work done. She looked at me in amazement, but excused me. And I got a LOT of work done, which felt good. I found out one of my co-workers is having twins, which I have already known for a couple of weeks and have been teasing her about. Unfortunately, because I already "knew", I disappointed a whole gaggle of co-workers that waited for me to get back from lunch to tell me the news. I am excited for her, and now that she is over the shock, I believe she is finally excited, as well.

Friday was a wonderful day. Dylan and I went to see "Wrong Turn", which we both enjoyed. We then went to a number of places and just had a whole bunch of fun. We rented three videos and went back to his house to veg and watch the movies. The only movie we watched last night, as we did not get back to his house until late, was "Star Trek Nemesis" which I found to be completely boring, but that may have something to do with the fact that I never have watched Star Trek to begin with. However, the fact that I got to spend some time relaxing and in Dylan's arms made it all worthwhile.....right up until the point that one leg on his bed broke and it fell and I could not stop laughing! So.....we might be going to look for a new bed frame today.

Today has already started off not so hot. My cat, Twin, that lives downstairs and is very skittish, has decided to be a little more daring and come upstairs. Unfortunately, she has also discovered the outside. I woke up to finding out that she was outside all night. I went outside this morning to find her under the shed. I did everything I could to get her to come inside. Unfortunately, all of my attempts made her flee over the back yard fence, only to end up who knows where. My parents are positive she will come back, and I do as well, when she gets hungry.

Dylan and I have another day planned of just spending some time together, doing some more shopping, and watching our other two videos. We also rented "8 Mile" and "Secretary"....I will let you in on what I think of those tomorrow.

My thought for the week: No more allowing my energy to become completely unchanneled. Own your energy, take responsibility for your surroundings, even when others do not want you to. Do not allow negativity to come into your life. Do not INVITE the negativity into your life. When you have made the decision to remove negativity, do not allow your feelings for another person to influence your prior decision and allow it to come back. Stay strong and stay focused.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I have not had a real opportunity, or desire, to blog lately, so Diary, I apologize for neglecting you.

Last week was a pretty emotional week for me. One of my ex-coworkers and one of my co-workers, right after we had lunch together, were in a horrible car accident. When I was initially called with the news, I was told that the one was fine, but the other was non-responsive, had crushed legs, and possibly most of his ribs broken. By the end of the day, I had found out he had a broken neck and major hematoma of the brain. Dylan and I went to see him on Friday and he was doing spectacular. He is walking, has feeling, and remembers nothing of the accident. By Saturday, he was released home. I went from having major guilt over making him come have lunch with me, to just being horribly sad for both of their being the victim, the other having witness the whole tragic incident. Thank the Goddess, they are both doing beautifully by now.

Sunday we had a Newsome bbq over at my sister's. My mother was a huge drama queen and spent the entire time reading her book and being anti-social. By the time we left I was so upset and embaressed that I did not speak one word to her the whole drive home. The sad part of it was that Dylan got to witness and experience this and that made the whole situation that much more embaressing for me.

Yesterday was my mother's 65th birthday. Sadly, she continued her drama over to that. She is having issues SUDDENLY with becoming 65 and I believe most of the issue is that she is not getting enough attention. How is it that at 32 I can me more mature than both of my parents??? I wish I could say that I am trying to be mature, but I have given up and am pretty much not speaking to her as it is much easier to remove myself than to allow it to piss me off. It is probably better for her, as well, as I have no desire to curb my anger at this point in time.

Good news for the week is that I have Friday off. I really don't have any plans other than Dylan and I are going to be spending the day together, poor man. Hopefully my attitude will be in a much better place.

As for today, my attitude just pretty much sucks. I am disgusted with my parents, I am angry with my sister, I am concerned for my brothers, and I am disgusted AND angry with my co-workers right now. All I can think of is how many hours and minutes I have until the end of this day......

Good part of this week....I received a beautiful t-shirt and CD from Chet and Shane. Thank you my friends, you made a very horrible evening enjoyable with your company.