Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

What a crazy 24 hours!

Last night at about 7:00, Dylan's Mom called to say that his Grandmother was "failing rapidly" and the doctor's and staff had decided it was time to call in the family. Now, this woman has "failed" many, many times and always manages to rally back to health....maybe the reason she is 99 years old. But in the midst of this, I find out that the staff gave this 99 year old woman OXYCONTIN! What the fuck are you thinking giving a 99 year old woman, who weighs about 70 lbs an OPIATE!

So, I called Dylan let him know what was going on, and in the meantime his mom probably called a dozen times to give him updates, so he finally decided it was time to leave work and go to be with his Grandmother. He stayed until almost midnight and come to find out, she is nearing the end and is in a stage of transition where her body continuously feels it needs to be moving. They finally had to give her a couple of sedatives to settle her down.

Then I come in and they have posted the new renovations and seating chart for our floor....and I am sitting right by my boss and my bosses boss! Yep, I am so excited. They put four of us together that are ALWAYS on conference should make for some interesting times since I continously drop the "F bomb".

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

I had to come in to work and complete an on-line training course....not the best way for me to start my freakin' morning! It took an hour to complete!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!

Last night, Dylan and I had the opportunity to have dinner together (crab salad sandwiches) before he had to head off to work. I didn't have the stamina to really do anything other than make dinner, so I watched a movie on HBO and then read, watched some regular t.v. and then headed to bed....just to spend the night tossing and turning. I hate nights like that! I think I probably got two or three hours of sleep, but that was about it. So, needless to say, I am pretty darn tired this morning.

My poor folks were canning tomotoes yesterday and had the sink and the dishwasher going and then all of a sudden, they were standing in a puddle of water in the kitchen! The dishwasher, after all of these years, finally had a part break. They got it all cleaned up, got a plumber/repair person called....and now have to wait until Friday for the part to be delivered and installed. What a pain in the ass!! However, as my folks always seem to do, they laughed it off and just kept canning the tomatoes.

Much love and condolences out to Rob and Toni right two need a break in your luck.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Interesting week so far. Monday was hell because I had a four hour training, then an hour conference call, and then not enough time to get everything caught up....or to get anything to eat....and did I pay for it. As I was driving home, I slowed way down to turn into my subdivision....and passed out. Thankfully I was already going ridiculously slow to go around the turn and when I woke up (which was only a few seconds later) I was slumped over to the passenger's side. Scared the SHIT out of me! I made it to my Mom's house, got inside and had a couple of glassed of iced tea and a couple of cookies and I was feeling okay enough to go home. Dylan than made me curl up on the couch and fed me dinner...and I was MUCH better after that.

Tuesday was another 4 hours of training and then I finally got caught completely up before I left for the day yesterday...YAY!

Today I am hoping to keep completely caught up for the day and work on a couple of extra projects. Just doing some stuff to make the rest of the week a little calmer, little less busy.

Not sure what is going on for the weekend, but I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully Dylan won't be working outrageous least right now he is not planning on it. I think we are gonna try to go to dinner a couple of times, maybe get him some CD's he has wanted and get me a couple of new sweaters....but we will see how things go. If we just stay home and relax together, I would be fine with that!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend did not turn out as planned AND I hate sprinklers. That pretty much sums up how my entire weekend turned out.

Friday, we took Coal and Helga-Joe to get their hair done. Coal ended up having to have his whole tail shaved off because it had mats in it....which I didn't even know he had mats in it because it was so fluffy and pretty! So, now he looks like he has a bottlebrush on the end of his tale. Cute, but strange looking. While that was going on, Dylan and I got our Costco shopping done and had dinner. That was pretty much the extent of spending time with my husband this last weekend due to him working the rest of it due to a co-worker being out sick.

Saturday, I spent the day working on sprinklers and doing a bunch of small projects around the house that I have been putting off (got all of the laundry done, got the windows all cleaned, got the freezer cleaned out, etc etc etc). Dylan had to sleep all day and all night to get caught up on the lack of sleep from the week of working OT. He got up for 30 minutes to have dinner with me and then got up to go to work...that was pretty much all I saw of him.

Sunday, I just was not in a good mood and so I spent the morning working on sprinkler problems AGAIN and then did NOTHING the rest of the day. I didn't even go and visit my folks, that is how bad of a mood I was in. I let PMS take over yesterday and just sat on the couch like a slug. Dylan got up and went to the store and brought us home dinner and then headed to work again.

Hopefully my husband won't be working as much OT this week and I might actually get to spend some time with him, but we will see what happens.