Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

Okay, found out something at work this week that has become one of my pet peeves again.....individuals that think that they MUST "compete"with you at all times. I actually have a person at my work that thinks that they have to out do everything...on a personal level and in the worst ways. She actually thought I would "compete" with her on the fact that she has had more death in her family than I have...LIKE I FUCKING CARE! And then she wanted to "compete" with how bad her day was....again...LIKE I FUCKING CARE!

Oh, not a great week. I ended up getting Dylan's flu on Tuesday morning, and had to call in sick, but Dylan was terrific and took care of me as best he could. We spent all day on the couch together watching tv. I came in to work today and spent a 13 hour day here getting caught up. I had a bagel for breakfast, broth for lunch, soup for dinner....and that is the most my stomach can currently support. Oh well, it might help take off a couple of pounds!

My cousin Gary went in to have a chemo stint placed in his chest yesterday and will be starting chemo on September 8th. Prognosis is stage 4 cancer but they are not putting a time frame on this cancer. They are not saying it is "beatable" but they are saying that his chances are good. As long as he keeps a positive attitude, I don't think anyone can ask for more than that.

The weekend is going to be a bit busy. Dylan is making up time so he is working both Thursday and Friday night. We are going to spend some quality time together on Friday night before he goes to work....probably dinner and shopping. Saturday morning I am taking my folks to the Farmers Market and then to do a bit of shopping and then Saturday night is over to the Netzlers for the annual bbq. Sunday will be my day to clean the house and get some yardwork done....hopefully not being sick!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

So the weekend did not turn out well. Dylan and I got Chinese food on Friday and it started to look like we had food poisoning....we ended up going to bed pretty early. Saturday morning I was feeling pretty good so Dylan and I, and my folks, ended up picking our two plum trees in the backyard and did a bit of pruning. Dylan and I then hung out all day and as the day progressed, I could tell Dylan was not feeling well. By yesterday, he was pretty sick and ended up calling in sick to work last night. This morning, he doesn't look much better. And since I have been here to work I have already had one co-worker call in sick and three more have walked in talking about how sick they were all is hacking up a lung while she is talking. Oh the joy of flu and cold season is already beginning!!! So, needless to say, I am already planning on getting it. I think it may have started because I have a fever, but I am just really hoping that it means that I am running hot today or something. I HATE being sick and am sooo pathetic.

Other bad news is that my cousin Gary went to see his oncologist on Wednesday and was told that in the surgery, they extracted three lymph nodes and now all the final tests have come back...he has stage 4 cancer. He is still going to undergo chemotherapy but the chances of "killing" the cancer are pretty much nill. He is getting a better attitude so I am hoping he is going to have the will to fight this. Gary has just tooo much to live for with all of his kids, his grandkids, and I know he wants to be around to see his great grandkids too. And my selfish reason for wanting him to fight is my Dad adores his nephews and this would just be one more depressing thing for my Father.