Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

This will be my last work day for the week. I am taking two days for funeral leave to help out with Dylan's family and get some things done around the house. Oh, and I need some SLEEP!

Last night, I was first awakened by Dylan who needed to talk to me, then by the phone, then again by the phone, and then by Dylan leaving for work. By that time, I just couldn't sleep so I was up most of the night. Oh, and couple that with the dogs and cats both making noises and different was just fruitless.

Dylan's Dad ended up extremely sick yesterday. He got a migraine that made him sick for the entire day. His migraines are getting more frequent and more severe....this time it was to the point that none of his migraine medications worked and he ended up having to be medicated with prescription sleeping was really scary. So, needless to say, they didn't get anything hardly done yesterday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I don't believe it! My manager has actually approved me for bereavment, even though it is a Great Grandmother! How nice is that!!

Dylan's folks had a helluva day yesterday trying to get things settled for the funeral....thanks mostly due to where I work having all of their banking systems go down and they were not able to access funds! They spent the day running from one place, back to the bank for bank checks, back to another place, bank to the bank for bank checks, etc etc etc. By the time I finally got a chance to talk to Dylan's Mom, she was exhausted and not in a good mood. However, we had a few good laughs and I think I got her back into a good spirit.

The viewing is going to be Thursday and the funeral on Friday. We are getting together with the family after the viewing on Thursday for dinner and lots and lots of drinks and then probably dinner after the funeral on Friday....again involving a lot of liquor. Dylan and I are going to the liquor store tomorrow to stock up on beverages for everyone.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

I spent the day doing a bunch of yardwork in preparation for the possibility of much family coming over to our house some time this week. I need to spend the rest of my waking time cleaning the entire hour and getting all the laundry done, and maybe getting some grocery shopping done.

All of Dylan's family has been notified and now we are all just waiting for information on what the arrangments are. We are thinking probably viewing Thursday, funeral Friday OR viewing Thursday/Funeral friday. However it goes, it will be nice to see some of Dylan's family that we love to hang out with....even though the reason is not a happy one.

I was totally surprised by how much I actually accomplished yesterday. I got the yard mowed, the trimming and edging done, got everything weeded, and then I put fertilizer on the back lawn and will fertilize the front tonight.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dear Diary Sunday...

Much love and condolences to Dylan and his parent's for the passing of his great grandmother on Saturday, August 18th. She almost made it to 100.