Monday, October 21, 2002

Dear Diary Monday.....

The attitude is better, the self image is better, life is better with my energy in line again! Thank you to all of my friends!!

Sunday was a wonderful day with Dylan. We saw "The Ring" which scared Dylan to pieces and then at the end, it got me! We then went to dinner, which I was starving when we got there and then hardly ate, and then went back to his house to watch "The Entity" which I made him turn off because it scared me to much. Now, it is not that I haven't seen the movie a dozen times, but for some reason it really bothered me that night!! After a rough few weeks and getting in touch and communicating strongly with a much missed friend, oh, and doing some needed energy work and spells for myself, my energy is back on track and I feel like a new woman. Oh, and Halloween and a full moon just around the corner has helped out a great deal as well! If you have not noticed, I am a child of the moon cycle.

Anyways, work was great today because of the better attitude of myself. We had a meeting with the trainers today and it turned into a discussion on how bad I am every Thursday and how truly EVIL I was last Thursday! I apologized for the bad behavior and promised to be really, REALLY good this Thursday. Oh Goddess, give me the patience and the love that I need to follow through on this promise!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Dear Diary Sunday...
Saturday evening started out not very well. Dylan came and picked me up to take me to his house and before we managed to make it there, I was having the worst migraine I have ever experienced year to date. I had already taken two Comtrex (as my cough was starting up again) and two Excederin Migraine and it was horrible. Dylan grabbed me an ice bag and one of his Imitrex and I sat on the couch talking with Toni and Rob and Jer and Michelle, praying that it would go away because it just continued to build. We decided to start dinner (Dylan providing yummy pizza and the Netzlers proving world class Salsa!) and I tried some pizza and coke. I finally broke down and took two more Excederin Migraines and continued with the ice bags and we sat in the dark watching Scary Movie 2 until JJ and the injured Brad arrived. FINALLY but the grace of my Goddess, the migraine finally started to subside. I was to the point that I knew it was time to go to the ER, but it ended, thank the Goddess! So, we finished out the evening watching Resident Evil and Thirteen Ghosts until almost everyone was asleep in somebody's arms. What a fantastic evening with amazing company, other than the migraine!!!

Today, I will be spending the day with Dylan....going to see "The Ring" (by Jeffy's suggestion) and just hanging out. He took the weekend off so that we could actually spend some time together! If another migraine starts, I swear I am lopping off my own head!!!

Oh, and my opinion on how I treat others as friends is getting better. I am not as horrible of a person as I have been thinking. Thank you to those that have helped me move on.........