Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday.....part two...

And I just found out that my Mom got up this morning to make coffee and passed the kitchen....but she is okay. She is going to stay home today and take it easy and then I will go home and get her and take her up to see my Dad this afternoon.

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Let me just start by saying a huge THANK YOU to Shane for bringing over chicken soup to both my Mom and to Dylan. And all of my energy is with him as he is taking care of a sick Chet, a sick Grandma, and I am sure in the near future, a sick Mom and a sick Shane!!!

After a long day at work, I went to the hospital last night and hung out with my Dad. I was more than pissed when I got there and found out that they had given him Percocet and let the nurse know in not such a nice way....considering I was sitting with a man with a broken neck trying to help him vomit and not aspirate. So, after I cleaned him up and got him settled in, I proceeded to explain to the nurse that, "I don't have a fucking medical degree and I know that Lortab, Percocet and Percodan are in the same "family" so if he can't have Lortab what make you think, the one with the medical degree, that HE CAN HAVE ANY OF THE OTHER ONES?" And then I proceeded to find out that he had not been given anit-nausea since noon, and so I introduced her to me, "I am the really mean daughter, if you haven't figured it out. I am the care-giver to both of my parents. Now, you and I can get a long really well, or I can make your shift here tonight a living hell.....which do you want to do." So, she ran to get the doctor and we decided to change him to Tylenol, give him a huge shot of anti nausea....and he fell comfortably asleep and the nurse and I became good friends after that.

He also got to have real food last night and now we are talking about moving him to a rehab center for a week. With the severity of his break, and how brittle his bones are, surgery is not an option for him. He will be using his neck brace for however long it takes to heal this neck, be on Tylenol, and they will also be sending him home with heart medication as we discovered yesterday that he has a defribillation for some unknown reason that they are working on correcting....and which possibly caused him to pass out in the first place. So, needless to say, I am going to have a long month ahead of me....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Yep, once again, I am reminded with a major kick in the face, how and why I fucking hate Christmas and this year was no different.

Let's see...the week of Christmas I come down with a horrible disease and end up missing all but one day of work and having to use all of my time off. Regardless of the doctor's written orders to stay in bed, rest, and not do anything, I end up wrapping all of the Christmas presents for both sides of my family.

Friday before Christmas I end up taking my Mom to the doctor because now she has caught my disease and I end up spending the day making arrangments to have oxygen delivered to her house.

Christmas Eve I spend running for my Folks house to my house, trying to wrap every single gift we have bought, trying to take care of my parents and get their house ready for all the family the next day. I stop long enough to shower and make myself look half way presentable to go to the in-laws house for our yearly tradition of Christmas Eve dinner and unwrapping presents.

Christmas Day I am up at 3:00 am (oh, and I haven't bothered to mention how my sleeping schedule fits into this all, but I will later...) to run to my parents house to start their Christmas Breakfast that they are too sick to cook, clean the house, and then my family starts trickling in. Oh, and now my Daddy is getting the disease and can't breathe.

Day after Christmas I am called by my Mom to rush over to their house, which I do, to end up calling 911 as my Daddy has fallen. I spend the entire day at U of U as my Daddy ended up breaking his neck and I have no idea how long he will be in the hospital.

What have I learned in this week of Yuletide Happiness and Cheer? One, sleeping is not a necessity. Two, I do not "need" people because it is easier to depend on yourself to get things done than to depend on others. Nobody get's disappointed that way. Three, food is not a necessity. I haven't eaten since noon yesterday, probably won't have time to eat until who knows when, so we will see how this new "diet" works. So far, so good. Four, when you are always the dependable one, you are taken for granted on all levels. There is a breaking point, I have found mine. Five, my old friend "anger" has resurfaced and I am comfortable with that. I enjoy that emotion and feeling, it works to my advantage and gives me lots of energy, it will be around for awhile.

Yep, I fucking hate Christmas and I just needed the reminder.....