Monday, December 03, 2001

Good day, Good weekend.....

Weekend was wonderful. I spent every evening with Dylan and all day Sunday. I started the Christmas shopping, and with the help of my man, got a touch of the X-mas spirit. He loves the holiday so much that I try, really try, to enjoy it.

The one thing about this year that I have been dreading, is getting together with Dylan's family and facing "crazy grandma." Everybody in his family is fully aware of how much I hate that wretched old cow and would pay handsomely to put my hands around her bloated neck and strangle her, only to enjoy the pure look of the bulging eyes as she gasps her last gasp ( no disrespect Dylan ). However, this year, Dylan's mother has made it enjoyable by allowing me to bring LIQUOR to the festivities so that Dylan, his mom, and myself can get blitzed! That way, I won't care. I have decided against bringing tequilla since that alcohol makes me more mean that I already am, if that is possible. So a few bottles of wine or champagne will be at their house this year! WOOOOHHOOOO!!!!

Day at work was good, but long. I had project, project, project to work on. Last Friday our e-mail was down, and all of the faxes go directly to e-mail, so I had 31 faxes to deal with. I finished those off at 2:00 pm and started on everything else. Well, I left at 5:00 pm, and I could have stayed until at least 9:00 pm. SOOO, I will be going in early tomorrow to work on stuff. I am trying to get a little bit ahead because I won't be there on Friday. Why you ask? CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I am going to attempt to get all of the major Christmas shopping done this weekend.

Oh and please don't forget to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROB!! Yes, he is now 31 years old....old like me....old and decrepit and falling apart. And soon, very, very will Toni. Hers' is on Sunday. Don't forget.....31 ON SUNDAY, December 9TH! I think we should all call at 12:00 am to wish her a Happy B-day.....what do you think???????