Saturday, April 27, 2002


These are damn cool. The artist is M. Pena. The ones that I am collecting are the "lamps" but I am branching out to everything else. Feel free to call me to come and see the ones that I have up close and personal.

Great day......

Here it is Saturday night, 6:14 pm and I am home, by choice, and enjoying it. How weird is that for me? I decided that this weekend I was going to have some time to hang with the folks, enjoy some time to myself, and relax...much needed relaxing. And it has been very amusing. Both Dylan and I got the third degree from our parents..."Why aren't you out? Is everything okay? Is he/she sick?" They are sooooooo use to us always being together that time away must be a huge annoyance to them. Ah, the fun!

Anyways, went out last night with my mom to get my nails done and got three more statues for my Windstone collection. If you have no idea what I am talking about and have not seen my collection then I will add a link later for you to check them out. Anyways, this store in the mall that is going out of business had everything off for 50%, so I got 3 out of 4 of their remaining pieces of art. I know have so many...and they are quite large, that I am going to have to find a curio cabinet to house them in. My three latest pieces are "Wizard Cat", the "Vampire Bat", and the "Wizard's cottage"....I just can't get enough of them. I think it is because the artists is 1) female, 2) loves cats, and 3) can take a piece of stone, one single piece of stone, and create a magnificent, beautiful object. Something so simple becomes mysteriously exquisite.....and I think that is what I would like to be thought my freakin' dreams!

Anyways, today I took my mom shopping again....this time I took her to get some books and ended up spending almost $500.00 on books for her and my dad. As strange as this sounds, I adore being able to spoil my folks and Dylan. My folks raised 10 children, 2 passing on, but the remaining kids are probably some of the most self-absorbed, unreliable human beings every to grace the face of this earth. Sooooo, I feel it is my honor to be able to give something back to my folks to thank them for all that they have done....for myself and for my worthless siblings. And as for is just because he is so damn handsome!

Tomorrow.....gonna spend the day vegging, doing laundry, and doing some cleaning. Hopefully any company that comes over will leave quickly because I just want a quite day at home. I will probably put something in the slow cooker for dinner and that is it. Dylan gets to spend an exciting day with his folks and his Aunt in Wendover as it is his father's b-day tomorrow. Hopefully, Dylan will have a great time and not get too bored! Wish him luck!!!!!!

I'm Rogue
What X-Men Character are You?

Friday, April 26, 2002

Not a very happy witch.....

Okay, so my mom has been hinting that she knows I am a practicing witch and the only person that I have told in my family is my sister....stupid, stupid, stupid me! Yeah, my mom knows! We went to the mall today and went to this store that is going out of business. There is a really nice clerk girl helping me and a gothic boy outside.....VERY GOTHIC and she asks if we saw where he went. I said he was just around the corner talking on the cell phone. She explains that he is her "special friend" and that we shouldn't be scared of him because he is gothic and a lot of people assume that goths are witches and my mom pipes up "Well, there is nothing wrong with people practicing white witchcraft, I have been living with one for years!" and puts her arm around me!! So the clerk starts asking me questions about where she can find books on it and I explain that I am a solitary practioner of only the white kind and that everything that I found was at Media Play and normal bookstores. We purchased some stuff and left. So I ask my mom how long she has known that I was practicing and she looks at me and says, "Well haven't you always been practicing?" I told her that I hope she doesn't freak out like everybody else does that I still believe in God and Jesus Christ and she is PERFECTLY COOL WITH ME!" Now if that isn't the coolest mom in the world, I have no idea what is!! But, for my sister.....let's not discuss that!!!!

Oh blessed weekend.....

Okay, about the previous blog and me deciding whether witchcraft was for me....well, it is for me but I am doing some research about another path. The path that I was going down was not the right one for me and was generating some energy that was not good for me or for others around me.......that is all I will say. Therefore, I will continue on to be a every aspect of the word.

Anyways, work has been confusing, tiring, flu-inducing, stomache turning, and just a general hellacious place to be. "Grunter" has called in sick or gone home sick every day, we have three people with the worst flu I have ever witnessed and my body (and psyche) are trying hard to either come down with it or fight it off, and we had our quarterly meeting that just pissed me off to no end. Why? Because we found out that raises will only consist of 1-4%, regardless of how long you have been here and how long you have been without a raise, they are putting a salary cap on everybody's job, AND the higher ups get raises (of course) regardless if they deserve one or not. Now, what pisses me off is that the piss boss has probably known about this shit for awhile, but never told us about this....and this is the same pit boss who took me aside many, many months ago to let me know she was "working on my raise for me and would let me know what she found out".....still waiting for that second talk with her!

Good note is that the weekend is almost here and I can't wait. Tonight I am going to go get my nails done. Tomorrow I am spending the whole day shopping with my mom and Sunday I am not doing a damn thing!!!

Monday, April 22, 2002

Tiring kinda day......

Sunday was a nice day with Dylan. We watched "Kpax" which I truly enjoyed, being the "psych" minded kinda person that I am. We rented two other movies,but I got a headache and Dylan took me home. However, the day was nice just being able to relax.

Work was insane today. I got there and had 30 faxes to deal with right from the start. Then I had to handle my IN box, which took me until 3:30 to get through, including my e-mails. At 3:30 I had another 20 faxes to pull and handle before I left at 4:30. So my IN box is looking insane again, I have pend reports to handle, I have new e-mail issues, I have to print out three plan documents, and a whole account to pull every claim and write it up. And that is what I have to do before lunch tomorrow. I had every intention of going to the gym after work today, but I am exhausted!!!! I don't think that not going to the gym is the answer to that problem, so I will be going tomorrow. Tonight, I am playing on the internet and doing laundry, gonna take a hot bath, then go to bed! God, if I could just get an entire nights sleep without waking up a dozen times, that would be swell.

Oh, and I am not sure anymore about the "witch" thing.....having some definite issues with that in regards to some "weird" things that have happened. I am going to have to think long and hard about that. I think the Fates are trying to talk to me again....don't ya hate that when that happens.

And again, the get together Saturday night at Boca di Bepo with everybody for Toni and Rob's anniversary was a helluva lot of fun. Thanks again Toni and Rob for organizing such a great time. It was loud and the group on the other side of us were loud, but a helluva lot of fun. I was a little unimpressed with some of the childish nature of a few people, but you learn to handle situations like that as you get older. Next time we will know what to expect. However, just being able to spend time with everybody was worth almost every annoyance I had that evening........ALMOST(wink, wink!)

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Hella fun kinda day....

I love Saturdays! I either spend them cleaning (which I love and understand is a sickness), doing yardwork (love more than housework, and I understand is also disturbing), hanging out with my folks, or spending time with Dylan. Either way, it is a good day. Yesterday I spent the entire day with Dylan. We went shopping, hung out with some animals, hit the Media Play and almost watched a fight with two old men, a whole bunch of asshole teenagers, and a woman in a wheel chair, ate lunch, got our tickets to Peter Murphy and then went to the Anniversary Dinner with Toni and Rob...which was a total blast no matter how loud the people at the next table were...the company that I was with made it all worth while. Oh, and watching Alex bite his mom and dad all through dinner was very worthwhile!

So, has anybody else caught the really cool commercial with our very own Jeffy in it? I would have told you all about it and to watch for it, but somebody (who shall remain nameless) did not tell me about this cool commercial and how cute he looked in it so I couldn't pass it on to all of you. Anyways, it is for Kerry Jackson's new show on, I think, UPN where he, I think, reviews Star Trek episodes and he and Jeffy are in a toy store going through action figures doing the "Have it", "Got it" until they come upon the "Hetereosexual C-3PO" and both "need it" and start a tug o war. It is really adorable and a good laugh. Just wish I had known about it but luckily my Dylan taped it while watching wrestling so I got to see my "favorite star" on tv. Seriously, Jeff looked as sexy as ever! Hopefully, if he is going to be doing anymore stuff like that, he will give us a little headsup!

Thanks again Toni and Rob for such a wonderful evening. Wish I could have sat by you guys, but with the amount of people you had, that was kind of out of the question! However, it was more fun than anybody could have ever dreamed!