Saturday, December 15, 2001

Good day, good weekend...part deux......

Well, since the last entry posted, I will try to remember what my earlier entry was about. The most I think I can recall is that I raved on and on and on about how excited I was about two events in my life:

1) It snowed! Not just a little, but a whole BUNCH! And it is the beautiful, powdery, fluffy kind. Not the kind you can make a snowball or a snowman out of...but the kind that when you throw it in the air it comes down softly, just as if it snowing all over again. And it is DEEP!!!! Poor Dylan had to shovel snow three times today!!!!

2) I get to see my Vice boys! I haven't seen Jeffy since July and I haven't seen Scottie since he this month will be fantastic. There is nothing like a get together and having one of those brilliant lads open up and come out with a screaching, fiery, evil comment to give me the heartiest chuckle...and thankfully, they usually are kind enough not to aim them at me. Oh, I can't wait! And even if I only get to see them for five minutes, I will be fine with that. The poor boys are probably in such high demand at this time of year, that I feel lucky that I get to see them at all! Family, friends, travel.........

I guess the best thing so far is that the Christmas spirit has finally hit me. The house is decorated, it snowed, I started my wrapping. Oh, let me tell you about the wrapping. I have wrapped well over 30 presents so far, not even a dent was made! I know I have spent over $2000.00 so far on gifts, and the truly amazing thing is that I am not finished yet. My goal is to have everything that I have bought so far, wrapped by next Thursday. Then I have Friday off (yes, again) and I will try to get ALL of the shopping done. Then Friday is the "Lord of the Rings" movie with the group( and yes, wil ALL OF MY BOYS!) and then Saturday....oh, I am hoping with a little time alone for Dylan and I to finish up any shopping we need to do, and maybe have some cuddle time together (go ahead and start the shit Jeff and Scott) and then Sunday I will get to see everybody once again.....I hope. After that, I really could careless untile Christmas. Oh, and I did I mention that Dylans mother is WANTING to bring alcohol to their family Christmas get together. I think this is the only way that she feels that she can get me to come since crazy grandma is going to be there.

Did I mention how excited I am about seeing the Vice Boys?

Good day, good weekend....

I had the best entry didn't post....I suck.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

If you know anything about me, you know that I normally don't post this kind of stuff, but for some reason, this really meant a lot to me.........
25 Ways We’re Different this Year

1. Last Christmas we were thinking about all the
things we didn't have;

This Christmas we are thinking about all the things we
do have.

2. Last Christmas we were placing wreaths on the doors
of our homes.

This Christmas we are placing wreaths on the graves of
our heroes.

3. Last Christmas we were letting our children play
with toy guns;

This Christmas we are teaching them that guns are not

4. Last Christmas we were counting our money;

This Christmas we are counting our blessings.

5. Last Christmas we paid lip service to the real
meaning of the holidays;

This Christmas we are paying homage to it.

6. Last Christmas we were lighting candles to

This Christmas we are lighting candles to commemorate.

7. Last Christmas we were digging deep into our bank
accounts to find the money to fly home for the

This Christmas we are digging deep into our souls to
find the courage to do so.

8. Last Christmas we were trying not to let annoying
relatives get the best of us;

This Christmas we are trying to give the best of
ourselves to them.

9. Last Christmas we thought it was enough to
celebrate the holidays;

This Christmas we know we must also find ways to
consecrate them.

10. Last Christmas we thought a man who could rush
down football field was a hero;

This Christmas we know a man who rushes into a burning
building is the real one.

11. Last Christmas we were thinking about the madness
of the holidays;

This Christmas we are thinking about the meaning of

12. Last Christmas we were getting on one another's

This Christmas we are getting on our knees.

13. Last Christmas we were giving thanks for gifts
from stores;

This Christmas we are giving thanks for gifts from

14. Last Christmas we were wondering how to give our
children all the things that money can buy - the
hottest toys, the latest fashions, the newest gadgets;

This Christmas we are wondering how to give them all -
a sense of security, safety, peace.

15. Last Christmas we were thinking about all the
pressure we are under at the office;

This Christmas we are thinking about all the people
who no longer have an office to go to.

16. Last Christmas we were singing carols;

This Christmas we are singing anthems.

17. Last Christmas we were thinking how good it would
feel to be affluent;

This Christmas we are thinking how good it feels to be

18. Last Christmas we thought angels were in heaven;

This Christmas we know some are right here on earth.

19. Last Christmas we were contemplating all the
changes we wanted to make in the New Year;

This Christmas we are contemplating all the changes we
will have to make in this new reality.

20. Last Christmas we believed in the power of the

This Christmas we believe in the power of prayer.

21. Last Christmas we were sharing/spreading/listening
to gossip;

This Christmas we are sharing/spreading/listening to
the Gospel.

22. Last Christmas we were complaining about how much
of our earning went to pay taxes;

This Christmas we comprehend that freedom isn't free.

23. Last Christmas we valued things that were costly;

This Christmas we value things that are holy.

24. Last Christmas the people we idolized wore
football, basketball and baseball uniforms;

This Christmas the people we idolize wear police,
firefighters and military uniforms.

25. Last Christmas "peace on earth" was something we
prayed for on Sunday mornings;

Now it is something we pray for every day.

Good day, bad night....

Last night was a really bad night. I got home after putting in a 12.5 hour day at work, and was not a pleasant person. I was having a migraine, was tired from the long day of non-stop problems, feeling the start of a cold, PMSing...and got irritated because the Christmas tree was not up. So, I proceeded to jump all over the folks about why they feel it necessary to wait until I can do it on my weekends, when at this time of year I am more busy than ususal and have to spend my weekends working on Christmas...which is a holiday that I particulary hate this year. Well, how nice of a daughter am I. After that, I just went to bed.....

Work has been good so far this morning. I am keeping up with everybody's needs here and hoping to be ahead by the end of the work day tomorrow...since I am taking Friday off again. I have decided that I am taking as many Friday's off as possible.......

Oh, and I am soooo very, very proud of my Connie. But, what if the hamster is a boy?

Monday, December 10, 2001

Amusing day....

Well, all in all, it turned out to be a very entertaining day. I left today, deciding that I was not going to stay and do extra time, to leave "grunter" on the phone by herself, with 8 calls in que. Mean, mean, mean. I think it is karma. Should I be the one to levy the penalty of the karma...probably not but it was fun!

Okay, as for the earlier blog note...let me just say that if you read it and it applies to you...there is probably a reason. However, not everything in this world applies TO YOU! As for my good friend, you know I love you and I am glad that I had a chance to talk to you and to know that you are okay, that you don't feel like anybody hates you, that your issues outside was you being a good friend. Thanks for coming to me directly. As for the people who only treat others like "convenience items" to be used when they have an issue...that is not a friend and they are going to be dealt with like I should have a long time ago. Those people are now acquaintances only. Maybe I should be a little more specific. This does not include people who only have an opportunity to contact me once in a great while, like Scottie. Scottie is ALWAYS concerned about me and is a TRUE FRIEND. It is those people that call when they need something...never caring about the other person.

As for playing games...I don't play games unless I need to. I DEFINATLY don't play high school games. The games I like to play are more direct and a lot more vicious. I learned from many great sources...mostly my boys. I don't need to put any names in my blog, because I think that is an invasion of people's privacy. I only like to put names in when I HAVE TO. Hell, it took me several months to go from HONEY-BUNNY to Dylan! So, if you don't like the way I write my blog, don't read is as simple as that.

Oh, if you wanna play games, let's play.

Anyways, now that I am off the soap pregnant gal on my account is in the hospital. I can't believe with all the problems she has had with this pregnancy that she is not on bed rest! Are some doctors just vicious? She thinks she is coming into work tomorrow! She is not due for another two months and is already having such severe labor pains that they had to give her medication to paralyze her on Sunday! Gawd, reason 1, 394, 568 not to have children....pain and paralysis!!!

Oh, and I made a bad comment at work about a lady who has been trying to have kids for 7 years. I was sick today at work and a co-workers started teasing me about "Uh are pregnant!" Too which I said, "Not a chance in hell and if I was it wouldn't be for very long!" Oh...not good......


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Bad day.....

It started off bad and got worse. Came in to work and there were four people who called in sick....sooo, I have spent the day on the phones! Then I got the most irritating of all irritating phone calls today and I have come to some conclusions........

1) If you don't have the balls to address me yourself...don't send in a representative to do it for you.

2) If you haven't outgrown high school games, please don't hang around in my area. I enjoy games, but not the high school kind. Remember, I am a predator by nature and will try and kill the weakest, and those that have not moved beyond high school are considered weak.

3) I don't have time in my life for people that come in and out of it for THEIR convenience. I am not a "pet" that you can pick up and love when you need it and put it back outside when you are done.

What am I saying.....I am saying it is time to weed out the half-ass friends........

Other than that...the day is sucking!!!!!!

Oh, did I tell you that the party over at Danny's was incredibly fun? It was soooooo much fun seeing a lot of people at the wing-ding....especially any time that I get to hang out with Michelle and Jer is good time!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Good weekend again.....

It was a busy weekend, but a good one. I spent Friday shopping. I was out of the house by 9:00 am and got back at 9:00 pm. An entire 12 hour period with my mother and I am still not finished. I am shopping, shopping, shopping....and no Christmas spirit.

Spent Saturday decorating the outside of the house with my Daddy...then over to Danny and Mat's for the Christmas party/b-day party. It was a helluva lot of fun and I truly enjoyed spending the evening with most everybody that was there.

Spent today with Dylan Christmas shopping...again, no Christmas spirit. I had to have him bring me home early because I started to feel really crappy. I jumped in the tub, took a very hot bath with eucalyptus oil and I seem to be okay now. I think I just finally wore myself down after putting in so many hours at work and then a non-stop weekend. Oh well... it was fun.

Good weekend....

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