Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Is it wrong to be excited about working out? Yep, I have the fever again and I am LOVING going to the gym, for some sick and deranged reason. The first night I did 1.3 miles on the track and then 400 ab crunches. Last night I did 1 mile on the track, 500 ab crunches, then .5 miles on the treadmill at a cardio rate...and LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. Yep, I am sick, I need help.

Tomorrow I am off of work because I needed to change my Friday off to Thursday because of management conflict schedules. I am really looking forward to a day of relaxing tomorrow with Dylan and I am not sure what we have planned....probably a movie and looking for some particular Christmas ornaments. Other than that, I am planning on sleeping in. And as for tonight, I am planning on the gym and then I am not sure....Dylan will probably have plans for us since we don't have to go to work the next day!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Oh, yesterday was not a good day. I found out that my folks are not coming over to my house for Thanksgiving, after my mom has made it a huge deal that WE HAVE THANKSGIVING AT MY HOUSE. After a day of being pissed off, letting my mom to have it when I got home, going to the gym and having an awesome workout fueld by intense amounts of anger and hatred, going to Wal-Mart and doing grocery shopping fueled by the same anger, Dylan managed to find a solution that works AND get me all calm down. So, we are not doing Thanksgiving at my house, we are going back to the old ways of things....Dylan and I are going to be spending our holidays traveling to all of the in-laws. It will same us stress, money, and time in the long run and as Dylan put it, "we are being the bigger people in this". Plus, I don't think either Dylan or myself enjoyed the unbelievable anger that churned up in me. It is time to head back for some anger management classes, I do believe.

On a better note, the workout yesterday was wonderful. I did 1.5 miles at a very fast pace and then did 400 ab crunches in no time. I did a full hour work out and then topped it off with doing grocery shopping for over an houre, also at a fast pace. I think I will manage to some how completely piss myself off before each work out!~

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dear Diary Monday....

Weekend was really good. I ate very healthy all weekend up until Sunday, and then I was not even that bad. I had a few pieces of homemade divinity and Dylan and I had boneless chicken wings from Chili's. Other than that, I did good this weekend.

Saturday I got my windshield replaced and Toni came and hung out with me and we went shopping for turkeys. Dylan and I will be handling Thanksgiving this year for our families, so I had to get the largest bird I could find....which with Toni's help was 24 pounds. I also got a small turkey for Dylan and I to enjoy, probably this coming up weekend. Then later that night, we met up with the Netzler's for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, which was wonderful. Again, I hate healthy with a HUGE salad, 1/2 cup of chicken pot pie soup, and 1/2 cup of rosemary potatoe soup. Then Dylan and I headed out to Williams and Sonoma so I could pick up a roaster for my turkey.

Sunday I spent the entire day getting Dylan and I caught up on our mounds and mounds and mounds of washing. After I was finished, I proceeded to create another mound of washing as I am moving out my winter sweaters, and they all need to be washed! AARRGGHHH! Oh well, it made for a day that I could do a lot of relaxing.

Oh, I forgot to mention the very fun party at Michelle Poor's house on Friday. Toni and I went to a Sex Toy party and ended up being about the only two people that would volunteer for demonstrations....possibly because we have no shame, but we made it a fun evening I think for everyone. And Toni and I came home with gifts....hers is a lime flavored condom lollipop and mine is "Good Head" which is a cream that numbs ONLY your gag reflex.....very interesting. There are a couple of things I am going to order, especially the really good smelling moisturizing oil that you spray on yourself out of the shower...YUMMY!

Today is going to be my first day back to the gym. I am excited but nervous. I don't think I have completely gotten out of shape, but I am not in great shape either. I am planning on starting out slow but I plan on doing an hour or more every night...just going to be trying a bunch of different things to get into a new routine. Cross your fingers for me!!