Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear Diary Tuesday,

It was an up and down weekend. Saturday I spent the morning at the vet's office with my folks. We had to put my Daddy's cat, Precious, to sleep....which was really hard since she was my Dad's very favorite. Then Dylan and I got some much needed cleaning done, put all of the Halloween decorations away, and did a bit of relaxing. Sunday, we cleaned closets, I made chili, and then we relaxed....well, as much relaxing as we could since by the time we decided to "relax" it was damn near time to just go to bed!

This week has also had it's "rollercoaster" moments. My Mom had a doctor's appointment yesterday and will be having an MRI today to see if she does, or does not have, a rotator cuff tear. If she does have a tear, then there is only a 50% chance of it working or not, so she will need to start deciding what she wants to do. If she does due the surgery, it is OP but then we will have about 6 more weeks of PT. If she does not due the surgery, then she needs to learn how to handle the pain and, possibly, continue PT. Great options, eh?

Good thing I have a fun, fun weekend to look forward to....I am needing it!