Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday... up on the wrong side of the bed...

I have some things that are truly irritating me and I am writing them down to get them out of my psyche:

1. It irritates the piss out of me that there are certain people that will NEVER initiate a "Good morning" or a "Hello"....they must feel that they are entitled to being approached by everyone first. Fuck them!

2. If, in your job, you are told or e-mailed NUMEROUS times that you are not to wander, put inappropriate and unprofessional notes on an account, and/or you need to respect the chain of command....I think you should do those things. If that is part of your job, THEN FUCKING DO IT! Nobody is so special that they are exempt from those things.

3. If I make a point of e-mailing you every day, maybe you should have the courtesy to to make the effort first once in awhile. Again, see number 1.

4. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, looks so fucking good that they should stand in front of the mirrors and windows at the gym and FLEX. You look ridiculous and I can't help it if I burst out into laughter around you. Don't give me a dirty look, you are the one that looks like a fucking idiot!!!

5. If you decide to bring a child into this world, CONTROL IT! I have to leash and license my pets and keep them in my yard and in control, you should do the same. If your child is out in public and is annoying me and you can't control it, I am sticking my foot under their feet and pushing them from behind!!!

6. My life is hectic and busy, especially at work....not making an excuse here, just pointing out the obvious. Do to the fact that my life is hectic and busy right now, if I can't IMMEDIATELY respond to your e-mail about how your life is currently sucking and you need some attention and some insight on how to change that, don't get pissy with me! YOU WILL GET AN E-MAIL THAT IS ALL IN CAPS, PROBABLY BOLDED, and WITH LARGE FONT TELLING YOU TO FUCK OFF!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday....


I have had such a wonderful week so far! I spent last night going to the gym and was able to go right into my old routine with absolutely no problem and I feel really good today. I also was able to clean Remy's cage, eat dinner with Dylan, process a lot of claim, take a hot bath, read, and go to bed all at a reasonable dinner. And the VERY best part of last night is that Dylan cleaned the house FOR me as he wanted me to have a week without stress. Now THAT is why I am marrying him.....he loves me so much he is willing to totally scrub the house down and not allow me to help at all!! Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am????

The rest of the week and weekend is going to be wonderful as well. I am going to the gym tonight, going to start/finish my invitation list and get that to Shane, process the rest of the claims that I have brought home, and just do a whole bunch of relaxing. Tomorrow I am getting a hair cut and then my weekend starts with Dylan, and that is what I am most excited about. We have a bit of grocery shopping to do, but as odd as this sounds, we have a really good time doing those tasks together!!

I think the one thing that is giving me the most energy and happiness is that I am now working four tens at work with Friday off and I am loving it. The days go by quick because I know that I only have to be here four of them....that makes the world "right".

Here is to hoping everyone has an awesome Wednesday!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...


The weekend was good. I had a co-worker tell me of a "cold cure remedy" and I tried it AND IT WORKED! It is a combination of antihistamine and an ibuprofren....and it was gone by Saturday morning. I felt a bit tired and spent much of my Saturday working around my house, around Dylan's folks house, and napping. Oh, and that is how I spent Friday after work as well.....taking care of my house and Dylan's folks house. Oh, and did I mention that is how I spent Sunday as well???? Yeah, you are all so jealous of me, I know!!

Anyways, Dylan and the folks got home late Saturday afternoon and I just have to mention here how much I HATE the airport. I can't stand it that you can't meet people at the come right off of the plane like we use to be able to so you have to stand in the baggage carousel area and HOPE that you can see each other in the sea of people! And don't get me started on how inept the airport is on displaying the arrival times of airplanes AND notifying the passengers which baggage carousel their luggage will be coming out on. However, it was nice to have them all back home. After we got Dylan settled into home, we got some dinner and then relaxed all night.....I even got a backrub and a foot rub. Yep, I'm spoiled.

The next couple of weeks I am going to spend on getting things completed for the wedding (like my guest list) and spending some well needed quality time with Dylan. This Friday we are going to go and order the cake, look at a couple of more tuxedo places, and just be together. Oh, and hopefully going to see a movie or two!!!!