Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Today I took the day off work to start the Christmas shopping. To say that it was a total nightmare would be painting it rose colored, throwing on some sparkles, and calling it a dream! It was HORRIBLE!! My mother discoverd, after 30 years, that her name is not on the JCPenney's credit card and that she cannot be added until my father calls to add her. Then Radio Shack took 30 minutes to call a bank to find out if a check would clear. SOOOOO, my mother left our VERY FIRST stop a total wreck and very pissy. So, I handled it very well. I told her that her mood was obviously very lousy, that I had other shopping to do and that I was not going to let this ruin my day, as she had let it ruin her, so I would take her home so that I could continue on and have fun, since she could not do that. She went silent, we went to lunch, and she seemed to shake it off. No arguing, no extended sulking, nothing. We only had a couple of more stops, and then I was exhausted, so I was home by 3:00, which was fine. I got quite a good start on my shopping and I think a couple of more trips out and about and I will have it finished.

I believe this weekend I will be decorating the inside of the house. I think that will help IMMENSLY with my spirit, or at least I hope it does!!!!

With making some much needed changes within myself, I have discovered a new vibrancy and a new love. Being honest, not only to myself but to others, regardless of how painful that can be, has unleashed a new spirit within me. I am back to being able to love deeply, myself and others. To cherish those in my life that have earned that. Oh, it is nice to be a positive energy in the universe again!

Speaking of positive energy....send some to Jaydon, the little buckaroo is getting tubes in his ears today.......

Monday, December 09, 2002

Dear Diary Monday.....

Sunday I spent cleaning, doing a lot of laundry, and then going to dinner with Dylan's family in celebration of his mother's birthday. It was a pretty subdued event as I believe everyone at the table was exhausted.

Today was hectic at work, but actually was a great deal of fun. My boss is back, and she came back to nothing to do on her desk, which she was thrilled with. I think the best part of the day was finding out that I am taking off Wednesday to do some Christmas shopping (okay, to START my Christmas shopping) and that I get to leave early on Friday to play "make up" day with Dylan. I have decided that I am GOING to have Christmas spirit this year, regardless of my deep desire not to. I have also established some "shopping rules" for myself so that I won't drive myself insane with the amount I spend and therefore, maybe be a little more "companionable". I usually am such a grump due to the stress, that I don't really enjoy it. This year, I am allowing myself to be spoiled by novel is that! But most importantly, it is the spirit of the holiday that I want to enjoy, seeing the hope and excitement in everyone's eyes, how people become more loving and caring, how being around family and friend is more important than a silly gift.