Friday, June 06, 2008

Dear Diary Friday....

YAY for Fridays! It has been struggle this week, both physically and emotionally and I am glad I have a weekend coming up. I am still dealing with my insomnia, but I think if I have a couple of days to truly enjoy myself and relax, I can catch up on some sleep. Emotionally....all better now. I had a great talk with a wonderful, wonderful friend and she made me feel SOOOOOO much better about life in general.

Work is well....interesting. I found out that my boss ACTUALLY has a set of brass balls AND a spine and he stood up for me in a HUGE meeting (which I got to attend) and then had a "Coming to Jesus talk" with a co-worker who he told jeopardized the project I am by being a bold faced liar......WOO HOO! Oh and I got another Service Excellence award, which is always nice to get because it involves MONEY.

And as I stated previously, looking forward to the get together on Saturday!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday...

I woke up in not only the crankiest mood ever, but EXHAUSTED. I have been walking up every morning after 1:00am and am unable to go back to sleep. Last night I fell asleep for a couple of hours, woke up and was up for an hour, fell asleep and up again at 1:44am and have been asleep ever since. I know I will eventually fall apart and get some exhausted sleep....BUT CAN'T IT BE SOON??!!

Couple that with horrible feelings of guilt as I may have accidentally helped in ending a friends divorce...and when I thought I was helping. I hope I was not the cause, or the key, but the guilt is still there. And if you know anything about me, I usually do not have any kind of heart or soul and do not feel pangs of remorse, regret, or this is not something I am enjoying AT ALL!!!

And, as much as I am enjoying the rain, I am hoping it stops long enough for me to mow my grass! Last week, between the front and the back, I filled up an entire LARGE garbage can with clippings.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Because this made me laugh and spit carrots out my nose....

more cat pictures

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Things have been hectic, crazy really. Work has become a place for me to go for 9 hours where I really don't care what is going on. The "promotion" that I got was just a figment of somebody's imagination and really, all it is, is I get more work. My boss did work hard to get me a raise, which was also nothing, but more than I expected.

Home has been good. Today is my Mom's b-day so I will be hanging out with her tonight. Dylan and I are also going to start doing a project every single weekend. This weekend will probably be us starting to remove wallpaper from the bathrooms so that we can prime and paint and then put in all new stuff. Dylan's bathroom is in the worst shape, so I will probably be starting there.

Also been having a bit of trouble with a couple of personal issues involving "friends". One issue is a problem with a possible stalker, somebody who would like to be a friend to the point of insanity. The other is a friend who I am having to do all the work on the friendship (making all the initial contacts) and I just can't have a friendship that is not 50/50. So, I get to try and work those two situations out as well.

Other than that, just looking forward to a great weekend and a fun together for Michelle's b-day!