Friday, January 18, 2002

Not so bad......

I did end up getting out of work "early", or it would have been early if I hadn't already put in the eight hours. My normal time to leave is 5:00, but I left at 4:00, thinking I was going to get home to take the parents out to dinner for their anniversary....nope! I have no idea what happened, but they decided that they did not want to go out and had already dined at home. Oh well. I just hope that they have no intentions of trying to get me to go to dinner some other time this weekend, as it is already booked. I guess I will just either 1) shoot for taking them out some other time or 2) not worry about it and continue on with life.

Work was okay. It was busy, I was on the phones all day and had no opportunity to work on anything else, but it was a nice break for me. I will NOT be on the phones on Monday, unless they are crazy and everybody decides to call in sick once more. I am just irritated that I work with some people, just one in particular, who are so wrapped up in their lives that they never realize the effect that their decisions have on their co-workers. Or that they just don't care. Either way, it irritates me. It especially irritates me knowing that my supervisor goes out of her way to accomodate, if at all possible, people taking time off from work. But for that ONE co-workers, that is just enough. Needless to say, she has worsened her chances for getting time off ever again, especially the "spur of the moment" time off that she enjoys taking. That and I think she will be written up very soon. Should make work fun for next week.

Okay, latest hobby....Pampered Chef products. They have some of the most fun kitchen gadgets. I purchased a garlic press, a large round stone with rack, a large spoon/spatula, and a whole bunch more stuff. The party at my bosses was fun, the food was wonderful, and it was all around an enjoyable time. I took my mom with me and she even had a great time. Oh, and cookbooks....can't forget those!!!!!

Bad day......can feel it.....

One person has the day off, another person took the day off, and two people called in sick...and those are the ones that are here at 7:00 in the morning and stay until 6:00....does that give you an indication of today? Then they haven't bothered to plow in front of our work and being that I am at the mountain, we get a helluva lot the drive home should be fun. Then I get the e-mail from Dylan to tell me that his uncle passed on....and it is not a good thing when you are not expecting it. Think this is setting me up for the day.......

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Good day.....home.......

I confided to my boss yesterday that today would be a good day for me to be "sick" and she agreed, so I got to have a day to myself, doing nothing but relaxing, must to the dismay of the parents. But, oh well.

I am dismayed. Why am I one of those freak women that retains water the week AFTER her period and not before or doing?

Yesterday was a good day at work. I worked three more comp hours, finsihed up all of the necessary stuff that needed to be done to have today off. I will be going in early tomorrow to see how bad my desk is. Hopefully when I leave work tomorrow, I will have every issue completed. Yesterday was also an amusing day at work. A person, who use to be a very good friend of mine, who is a supervisor, has come to show her true colors. I heard from a friend of hers to be careful because she would "step on anybody to make a name for herself in the company, including friends", and, well, she tried to use me as one of those stepping stones. The amusing part is that she tried to do this with a higher up who has taken me into her good graces and seems to adore me. So, my "friend" has fucked herself in my light and the light of "the powers that be". I enjoy Karma so very much!

Weekend is still looking busy, but good. I think I am at the ending stages of my ickiness and so I will be enjoying the weekend. I get to have a "daddy/daughter" day and go to the International Car Expo with my worst fear is walking out with a vehicle or two. Then a hockey game, and then Sunday to spend the evening at a b-day party. Oh, and I am scared because the "Wanna-be-Mexican" is going to be there and I am sure he is as surly as always. Oh well, there will be amusement all around for me to entertain myself!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

All over again......

Woke up feeling pukey, and that was after spending the night in the bathroom, deciding I was going to make it to work, which I did, and lasted the whole day. I am thinking tomorrow I am staying home. I just can't shake this bug, I am sure it has taken up residence in my intestines and is enjoying itself. The added stress isn't helping.

Work was okay today, just busy. The gal that got me sick called in today and another on my group was out, so we were down two people. The bitch who is suppose to help on our phones "forgot" again today. My big boss brought me another project today which only took about three minutes and I was on the phones pretty much all day. I did accomplish a whole bunch, but I left my IN box looking like I haven't touched it in a month.

Have I told you that I am not looking forward to this weekend? Yeah, that is pretty weird for me, but this weekend is COMPLETELY booked and I have no downtime. I have decided that the following weekend, the 25th through the 27th, is not getting reserved for ANYTHING! The only thing I am planning on doing is making sure the house is cleaner than clean, since my mom' surgery is the 29th, and spending sometime with Dylan, and ONLY Dylan....I hope.

Yeah, and is it not freaky about Dylan's uncle waking up from his coma? I know I haven't written much about him, but it is because I despise him and his wife. He has said somethings about his deceased father, my favorite grampa-in-law, that will never be forgiven or forgotten. And his passing away, as wretched as it is, was something that I looked forward to. As selfish as that sounds, it is for the best. Dylan's uncle and aunt have caused his family nothing but misery and heartache....and on purpose I might the sooner that they are able to sever ties, the better. The only sympathy that I give is to Dylan's mother and cool aunt....who will be losing a brother, and that is painful regardless of how big of a piece of poo he is.

Have I told you how much I am enjoying sleep?

Monday, January 14, 2002

Icky, yucky day....

I am sick. I came in not feeling good, thinking it was maybe a dietary supplement that I took, but now I think I have some bug......a flu bug. As the day is progressing, the more nauseated I am feeling. Also got the headache again. I am beginning to wonder if it is a lingering illness from last week, that I am just not getting it out of my system. Maybe because I am just so damn cute, the bug doesn't want to leave!

Anyways, went to a cool store yesterday at Trolley Square with Dylan...a witchy store. They had all of my herbs, books, pendants, candles, you name it. Also had my statues that I am collecting. What more could this girl ask for! They are closing down as of March 1st, but apparently have a store over on 1300 East and 2100 South....right by the Red Lobster and.......DESERET BOOK! How fun is that! I will be visiting that I am always running out of something or the other and having to find stuff to make up for it!!!

Okay, watched "Diary of a Sex Addict" last night...good show, a little quirky, but good. Really gets you into how a sex addict truly acts, like any other addict. Also watched "Rush Hour 2" and that was a good little movie with some great one-liners. Especially when Jackie Chan told his side kick that he was going to "Slap him all the way back to Africa!" Oh god, I thought Dylan was going to pee himself over that one.

Looks like I won't be going to the gym tonight.........pooh!

Oh, had a great talk with my Big Wig today....she is very concerned about me, very concerned about my emotional, as well as work related, attitude. Wanted to know, honestly, what she could do. God, it is nice to know that she cares and is going to bat for me.

Oh, and the attitude adjustment, it is coming full circle. Good things come to those that work at them.

Favorite Bumper Sticker...."Eve was Framed!"

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Good weekend....

The mood is lifting...

Got up this morning and it has only been a somewhat productive morning. I watched a little tv, ate breakfast, did a 20 minute stairclimbing work-out, a little light stretching, and started the housework....and all I have completed is tearing down my bed and starting far only two loads. I have a lot of energy, but my innervoice is telling me to hold on to it...I am going to need it.

Weekend has been alright. Dylan and I went to the new McGrath Fish House on Friday with Toni and Rob and it ROCKS! They have an incredible selection of different seafood ( and non-seafood for weird people like Toni) and a great deal of it is very healthy! I had Dylan take me home early since I went into work on Saturday. Worked Saturday until about 1:00 and then hung out with Dylan. We went to dinner at the China Lily, went to Media Play and ran into the Poors. Jer's B-day is coming up so we are making plans to go out to dinner and a movie with them. Poor Jer-Bear gets to start working six 10 hour shifts starting on the 18th until the end of March, so we won't be seeing a lot of them. Then Dylan and I hung out at his place and watched the first 40 minutes of The Fast and the of the WORST movies I have ever watched....Vin Diesel was not even that good looking! The cars were great and my comment was "If they would stop trying to act and just drive the cars around really fast, this would be a good movie!" Then we watched The Filth and the Fury...a movie about the Sex Pistols that was highly entertaining. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Dylan let me watch the tape of when Triple H came back to wrestling. I have decided that Triple H is my new crush....he is so much cuter than the Rock...and that nose is great!!!! I think while he was out, they applied a whole bunch of new body parts to his chest and his back because he is HUGE!!!

Today, Dylan and I are going to try and watch a couple of more movies...........oh god, let them bet better!!

Oh, about the mood. Yes, I am getting a little bit more positive and a bit more friendlier. I can see a change in my body and the weight is coming off with the little bit of physical exercise (and probably stress). I see a change coming with my mom's surgery, the vacation is not that far away, work is now viewed as "entertaining" and I will not be taking it that seriously anymore, and I can feel a different "change" coming in a lot of my relationships...that I am welcoming. There are some old friendships that have been on the back burner that I am going to work on, some "friendships" that are not that at all and I am going to accept them for that, and some other relationships in my life that will just be coming to an end or changing...whichever works out for the best.

Oh, and Halloween is only 9 months away.........