Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Bad day....

Not the worst, but it coulda been better. Found out today that raises will not be any sooner than September. Also found out that "some company's put freezes on pay increases for up to four years." And I say..."well, people that stay with a company for that long without a raise are a bunch of dumb fucks." And I walked away with a smile on my face. Now, I just need to find out if this is the actual truth or a fabricated lie. The big boss is out until next week, but as soon as she gets back, we are going to have a talk.

Other aspects of work also sucked. Yesteray, somebody actually made the comment, "Ask Lorene for help. I am sure she can help you because she doesn't take calls so she isn't as busy." Interesting note...the person that said that ALSO DOES NOT TAKE CALLS and swears that she is over worked. Now, since I have started taking less calls and doing more research, the amount of work that I does has amplified by eight at least. In fact, I am to the point that I would rather be on the phones because there is less stress and less work. Also, I found out that one of the marketing reps that I have a great relationship with TOTALLY put down our stoploss department (I.E. TONI ), which was incredibly stupid and out of line. She basically stated, in an e-mail that was not suppose to be forwarded to me but was, that there department (TONI) was ineffecient and hard to work with and possibly costing us the ability to renegotiate with some of our clients. What do I have to say about that? Hmmm.....take your company, take your negotiations, take your higher than my salary, take your southern accent, hold hands with your boss, and run as fast as you can up your own ass kissing the sides of it on the way! Do you think I was vocal when I got that e-mail? Enough to send my boss running out of the building to lunch because she though I was never going to shut up. Don't fuck with my Toni! If it wasn't for Toni and her department, I would be up shit creek! And if wasn't for Toni and her department, the marketing rep wouldn't have been made to look so damn good to her clients because of all the information that they give to her! I swear if she lived here I would spray paint on her $75,000.00 vehicle C U N T over and over again!

Only one more day of work and that is it...I can make it.

Oh, and make sure to send Grace an e-mail...her surgery went well and she will be out tomorrow. Also, send Connie a get well card...she is going in for a nerve conduction study and is coming down with a cold. Oh, and send Jen Hoffman something too...she was in a car accident and has least send them all good, positive thoughts......

Monday, March 18, 2002

Pull my hair out kinda day........

Yep it was. First I get into work and find out that the majority of people in Customer Service have called in sick, which is a great indicator that the calls will be out of control and the day will suck. Secondly, I find out that one of my groups is terming with no run out, one check run, the end of this month and I need their reports cleaned up before then. Thirdly, I have 25 faxes I need to take care of...NOW. Fourth, I have two more reports that the Vice President over Marketing wants cleaned up...also NOW. Fifth, I have to help out on the phones while trying to do all of that. Sixth, the old employee started today and so we needed to get his desk in order, stuff in storage, the filing cabinets cleaned out. So, yeah it sucked. Then in all of that whirlwind I find out that the Conster has carpal tunnel/tendonitis from her forehead down to her belly button and they are going to do a nerve conduction study...but she is staying chipper because she is on Lortabs and doesn't give a fuck. And the Hoffman was in a car accident and hurt herself...whiplash and booboo on her leg...but she is okay and the car is okay. So of course, I am worried about these two little ladies and want to mother them.....we will see what I can do.

Has it been that long since my vacation because I need another one!

Oh, Dylan and I saw "Resident Evil" and it scared the poop out of me! I liked the zombies, and the scary monster-thing and if we go to a haunted house this year with a "Resident Evil" room...well, I am not going in it! I have discovered that some people fear fires, car crashes, tornadoes...I fear zombies. I think the likelyhood of me meeting up with a zombie that wants to eat my brains is pretty good because I actually was almost too frightened to leave the bathroom stall after the movie because I KNEW a zombie was going to be on the other side of the door when I opened it!!! All I can say is that Jeremy is really lucky he didn't go see it with us because Michelle and I would have been screaming the entire time, crawling over the seats and when Jer decided to be funny and scare me...I would have punched him. Oh, did I tell you that I apparently have taken up punching people when they frighten me? Yeah...ask Jer-bear.

Four more days until the weekend...

Oh, it is my dad's b-day this weekend....he will be 72...and I am making him an orange chiffon cake.........yummy.......

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Cool, eh?

Thanks to the marvels of Dylan, he changed my template and my Comments to look very stylish and adorable...just like ME!!! He saw the bleeding rose and instantly thought of me, so we spent last evening, or he spent last evening, changing my template while I sprawled out like a cat on his humongous Love Sac....and you can take that for what it is worth!

So, work got more interesting. They can't give Toni and I a raise yet, but they can hire back on to my team one of the many that was let go in the last lay off. So, I am just going to let everybody know that this person is now my personal servant since he is in place of my raise, so technically he belongs to me. Good thing he is pretty damn cute!!!

Anyways, Dylan and I spent the day together.....hung out at Furburbia where we met the coolest cat....Nebraska! He was about 172 lbs and was gigantic! Actually, he was huge, probably about 25 lbs and adorable. If I didn't have 10 cats already, he would've come home. Then we went back to his house and hung out and watched our new Oingo Boingo DVD, which we are both so enamored with. Today we are going to try and see a movie, go to dinner, and watch WRESTLEMANIA!! Woo Hoo! My two favorites.....the Rock and the Hulk...what more can a girl ask for!!!!!

Oh, and Grace....for goddess sakes....e-mail me! I am damn near impossible to get a hold of via phone from Friday through Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you know me, you know how true this is!!!!!!