Thursday, October 25, 2001


That is how I feel right now...feel like "things" are crawling under my skin....I know it is the Xenadrine again......not a good thing. I was going to come home and with all the "energy" get everything done that I wanted to but I feel so completely exhausted that I could hardly stay awake through "Friends". I am gonna crawl up under my blankie and go to sleep and hopefully, sleep the entire night through. I am starting to think that the "creepy crawly" feeling I am having is due to another insomnia attack coming on. I am actually not looking forward to sleeping because it brings on dreams, and I haven't been enjoying those very much. Not going to discuss it but it is sure bringing out some unresolved issues that I need to deal with...someday.....someday soon. Gonna go call Michelle now and pay some bills.........

Good day.....

Well, two good days in a row...the world is coming to an end!! Work has been irritating today, but I have been able to handle the irritations better than normal. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have tomorrow off and I get to hang out with Michelle for part of the day and play in pumpkin guts!!!! WOOOOOHHHOOOO!! Came into work and walked right into a project, then I had a letter from an attorney TO ME and I had to work on that, and the calls have been crazy, but I handled it! I even took a Xenadrine today and my mood has been okay.

The only poopy thing is find out that Jeffy won't be at the party on Saturday. Michelle and I were really excited to see him because it has been so long since we last saw him, so that is really sad. Oh well, hopefully lots and lots of rum will make up for it.

Did I tell you I have tomorrow off and that there are only 6 more days until Halloween???

Going home today to do some laundry and cleaning....gonna get everything done tonight that I can so I have nothing to worry about this weekend. I was thinking about spending my Sunday working in the yard, but we will have to see. I had tentative plans with Dylan, but I am not sure if those are going to continue or not...especially if either one of us has a hangover in the morning!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Good day

Yup, that is what it was. We had potential investors come and check out our company today. I dressed WAY up...a lot more than usual, did not have a damn one come back in my area. But I did have a co-worker find me out after it was time for him to leave JUST to tell me how nice I looked today...which was incredibly sweet. AND I had one of the potential investors smile and wink at me...that was incredibly sweet as well. So all in all, it wasn't too sucky of a day to dress up. And the nice thing is..tomorrow is my last day for the week! Yes, once again I am weaseling my way out of working on Friday. By tomorrow I will already have 6 hours made up, so I will only need to take 2 hours of vacation. SWWWEEETTTT!!

Well, don't know if you have heard or not, but there are only 7 more days until Halloween! And the party at Michelle and Jer's is coming together pretty damn nicely! We are gonna get together with the Poors on Friday and decorate, decorate, decorate!!! And then, of course, there is the countdown to the drunken brawl that will happen on Saturday......I am thinking it will be everybody trying to get Michelle off of some table while she is doing her Brittney Spears impression....well, almost everybody since last time it involved her starting to take off her shirt....but we won't go into that discussion at this time....WILL WE VICE MAN!!!!!

Anyhow, only 7 more days......

Monday, October 22, 2001

Oh yucky.....

I have never had a hangover.....until yesterday! I think that tequilla is no longer my friend! Therefore, this weekend I will be getting drunk on rum or vodka or something. Hopefully my Jeffy will show me how to make the yummy drink he told me about!!! I new that tequilla takes memory from me, but it usually comes back in a day, but I have no recollection from after dinner, a little bit of Exorcist, going home. That's it. Sooooo, I hope I was a helluva lot of entertainment for everybody else, since I don't remember ANYTHING! Just let me know if I did whatever you requested to your satisfaction, and that is all I care about!!

Oh, this weekend is the Halloween party! WOOOOHOOOOO! I can't wait because it is going to be a helluva lot of fun! I am gonna bring Taquitos and whatever else I can think of!!!!! Hopefully everybody will be there, but I am sure a few of my flakier friends will not show. God love 'em!!

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Before you all hear the story.....

Yes, I did get very drunk last night at Dylan's. Yes, I did discuss masturbation with Jeremy. Yes, I did sit and laugh all night at scary movies and at stuff that nobody else could see. Yes, I did say stuff that I probably should not have, but at this time can not recall any of it. NO I DID NOT GET SICK. NO I DO NOT HAVE A HANGOVER. NO I WILL NEVER DRINK TEQUILLA AGAIN. Nuff' said?