Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I did it! I rejoined WW here at work and now I am sitting at my desk eating a cookie. Don't ask, it has to do with a major case of PMS. However, once I get this cookie out of the way and I get my headache under control, this planet will be a much safer place.

Spent last night at the viewing of Shane's Grandfather....and for a viewing it was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever been too. I am in total infatuation with Shane's Grandmother and have decided to adopt her. I got to visit with Chet's Mom and Dad, which Chet KNOWS how much I love his mother Enid (HI ENID!) and I also got to see my Chet and Shane. It was such a beautiful experience because like everything else the Breeze family does, it was classy, touching, and full of love. They had a video playing with picutres of his Grandfather's life, his uniform from the military, beautiful framed photographs of him at different stages of his was just amazing. After the viewing, I went home and climbed into bed and fell into a restless, restless sleep.

Tonight I plan on putting fertilizer on my lawn, doing a little bit of raking and stuff, and hopefully going to bed at an obnoxious hours....but we will see what happens.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday....

It was a really long day yesterday. After working all day with no breaks and forgetting to take a lunch, I went to my folks house, loaded up Mom and Dad into the car, and headed to Shopko and Wal-Mart. It was good getting my Dad out of the house and walking him around a couple of stores AND getting all of my Mom's grocery shopping done. My Dad has been gradually slipping in and out of depression and I am doing everything I can to ensure he does not go into it completely. In fact, this weekend is dedicated soley to my Dad and getting the greenhouse up and running and giving him lots to do in the yard, including mowing the lawn. And speaking of lawn...HOLY SHIT! Their lawn is green and needs the lawnmower taken too it....IT'S SPRING!!!!

Tonight Dylan and I and the Netzlers will be joining Chet and Shane and their families at the the viewing for Shane's wonderful "Candy Man" Grandfather's. It will be good to see Chet and Shane, just not always under the best circumstances. However, I know that Shane's Grandfather passed with little pain, his dignity, and surrounded by the love of his life, his wife. My heart still cries for Shane's loss.

Again, all of my love and energy out to Shane and Chet at this time.

Also today I am back on to the road to a healthy lifestyle. I am joining WW again....but this time at work. I have such a powerful group of women here that are with WW that are doing SOOOO good, that I know I will love being part of their circle. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Dear Diary Monday....

Much love out to Shane and Chet and with greatest sympathy at their loss.