Saturday, September 07, 2002

Hella fun...

The day after the Fair and I am in blissful peace!

Dylan and I got together at around noon yesterday, hit the mall for some shopping, checked out Party City for their Halloween stuff then headed up to the Fair, where we met the Netzlers. We were there from 2:00 until around 9:00 and listened to Nickleback as they played, observed some very scary people, walked the entire length of the fair quite a few times AND ate just about everything there. We got to hold macaws and hamsters, petted every single goat, watched Dylan trying to french kiss a pigeon, and saw the most adorable baby pygmy goats in the world! We drank pop, beer, and slushies and ate Polynesian food, corn dogs, cotton candy, navajo tacos, and everything else. Damn I can honestl say it was the most fun I have had at the Fair in many, many years!!!! Thanks to the Netzlers for joining in and Rob is such a trooper since yesterday he got his stitches out AND still managed to keep up with us the whole time!!!!!'

Today I have been vaccuming the entire house, dusting, cleaning the kitchen and then I made salad from all the fresh vegetables and herbs in my garden and it is sitting in the fridge getting yummier and yummier until we go to JJ's hosted party for Connie. I know that JJ has been driving herself insane and busting her ass for this wing ding so I have no doubt how much fun it is going to be and how much Connie is going to love and appreciate it. You know a good friend when she goes to work all day, then goes to class at night, AND THEN goes shopping for more party stuff! Now that is truly a woman!!!!

So Dylan and I discussed his new shift last night and have concluded that it SUCKS!! Our weekends have been taken from us again but we are going to be mastering the art of "appreciation" for one another because of the little time we are going to be getting with one another. We are going to be very stingy when it comes to our time together. However, he has made arrangements for a weekend for just the two of us in October so we can do some catching up. Ah hell, this is what I get for being so spoiled and having him all to myself on the weekends for so many years!!!

Friday, September 06, 2002

Yeah for the Fair.......

I am still going to the Fair even if it is raining!!!! I took today off from work, especially since I already worked 6 additional hours this week so I COULD take the day off, and I wake up to it raining. Normally, I would welcome Mother Earth showering us with the beauty of rain, but not on FAIR FUCKIN' DAY! Anyways, I called the Tonster and they still want to go, so by GOD we are going!!!! I don't even care if it smells like wet cow poo, it is the FAIR!!!! Yummy cotton candy!!!!!!

So, Evil Lorene was back in full force this week at work...I even scared the Pit boss. She came over to my desk on Wednesday with a call back she wanted me to do that consisted of "I had this call, and oops I didn't catch her name, the phone number, the person she was calling about, BUT I did get the social security number!!" So I look up the social and find out it is a problem case I have been working on and before I could stop it I loudly expelled "Holy Mother of Christ Michelle! This is the fucking case I have been working on!!" To which the Pit Boss comes around the corner with, "Lorene! I have never heard you use such language!" To which I responded with "Then you better get the fuck out of my area before you hear more!!!!" So, she did! Nobody was safe from my wrath. Fortunately, my bestest friend ever left me a Halloween cookie with a note that said "Here is a Halloween cookie so you will quit being so fucking grumpy"....and that did it. Anything Halloweenie and has the phrase "fucking grumpy" is going to make me much better.

Well, gotta get ready for the FAIR........he he he he he

Thursday, September 05, 2002


Yep, I am.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Question for Wednesday....

If your life was going to be a title of a Rap or Hip Hop song....what would the title be??????

Not good.....

I was so evil today that I chewed the head off of all three of my marketing people, one administrative assistant, one Pit Boss, one supervisor, two co-workers, and several random people who crossed my path....and that was all by lunch!!!!! That is what happens when you give an already overwhelmed person ANOTHER project that somebody else can't do and it is explained to you by somebody who DOES NOTHING!!!! But I am better now.....

Moreover, this has been my mood since Monday...I wish I could say it is PMS, but I am truly a disgruntled human being right now....with many facets of life that are in the progress of changing. However, the good news is that I am doing emotionally MUCH better...had a little heart to heart with Scottie and realize how much I will always love that boy and no matter the circumstances of his leaving my life, I want to remember him for the sarcastic yet loveable guy he was. Soooooo, on that much better note, I am now welcoming his energy back into my life in whatever form he chooses to enter it.....I am hoping that he comes back as a Rap Star, but I don't think that will happen!!!

Some good news.....Fair starts tomorrow and you know how much I love the Fair!! I plan on going Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I am disappointed though, because I thought I was gonna get to see Jeffy at the Joan Jett Lesbian Fest, but alas, he is gonna be a busy boy again. Oh well, maybe he will feel guilty and want to teach me to disc golf (wink, wink)!

Monday, September 02, 2002

Question of the day.....

Yep, we are starting it again......


Holy Burnt Fingers Batman!!!

Yep, got them! I decided to bbq after a full day of shopping with the parents. I had three beautiful steaks, a melody of garlic vegetables and mushrooms with bacon and cheese going. Got everything prepared, brought it to the table, decided that my vegetables needed to be a bit more cooked, wrapped them in saran wrap and stuck them in the microwave. Well, took them out of the microwave, lifted the saran wrap and a huge burst of steam came out (OF COURSE!) and burnt the holy mother fuck out of my three middle fingers on my right hand! Yeah, I probably should have gone to the ER because they burnt all night, no matter what I did and they went purple and are swollen. However, today they are purple, swollen, but not hurting so I will live.

Had a wonderful, and exciting day yesterday. Took the folks to breakfast, hit the Wal Mart, the Petsmart, and the Costco and had to come home because the car was too full and almost dragging with all the stuff we bought. Then while I was bbqing....SHANE came to visit me!! Now the poopy head would not stay, came over, kissed me, dropped off a HUGE crate of wrapped presents, kissed me again and ran off!! Well, I had to wait until this morning to open them and they are the most adorable Halloween gifts ever! I have a scented Halloween pumpkin candle, a cackling witch doll, a lighted halloween tree, a set of halloween illuminaries, a halloween aqua lamp AND a halloween sign that says "The Witch is In/Out"! Now how adorable are those. And all because he worries too much about me!! What a sweetheart! So the Halloween gifts have started.....YEAH!!!!!

Looks like today is going to be a work in the yard kinda day. I have already programed our new automated sprinklers, and now I am going to go put winter/fall fertilizer on the grass.

Oh, speaking of Shane, he is trying to build a blog to join us.....if any of you could help him (LIKE JANET, CONNIE, GRACE, TONI), it would be appreciated...he is getting a little frustrated!!!!