Monday, July 25, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Mood.....glad to be back at work.

The birthday weekend was alright. The surprise party at Shane and Chet's on Friday was wonderful, as was the company and the food. Thank you again to my gay boyfriends for hosting such a delightful evening.

Friday Dylan and I spent the day out "shopping" even though we really didn't do a heckuva lot of shopping. We got me a few new cookbooks and just pretty much just window shopped, as I was not in the mood to really spend any money. Saturday we registered at Target, attempted to register at Williams and Sonoma, and then ended up purchasing a new bed at Way Cool Dirt Cheap, which was a lot of fun. We then went back home and both of us crashed really early...I ended up going to bed at 7:30 and Dylan spent the rest of the evening getting ready for work. Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom and ended up not getting anything again. After spending the day with my Mom, I then went home and Dylan and I met up with the group over at Michelle and Jer's to go and steal rocks for their backyard. The couple of hours was a lot of fun, other than watching Toni and Dylan hurt themselves. Then we headed home and ate a bit of dinner, relaxed, and then I went to bed early again.

All in all, a very quiet weekend.