Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday....

Coal did so very, very good in his first day of Puppy Training! He had to endure two classes, one right after the other, to get caught up with his class. He was apprehensive, not very social with the other dogs, but he picked up all of his new lessons extremely quickly. And, by the end of the night, Coal and myself were so exhausted that one of us was on the floor asleep and the other trying hard NOT to fall asleep. It was a great first experience for Coal, Mommy and Daddy and I am looking forward to the rest of his schooling. And yes, he is going to be going to a lot of school, along with Helga.

Yesterday ended up being an okay day. I ended up talking with the Pitboss and it was a great time. She is over being hurt, worried that I am going to end up going somewhere and being bored, but regardless, the door is always open here for me, which I appreciate. The rest of my time here is going to be very emotional, but in a very positive way. I am going to miss this place more than I ever thought, and it is due to the people I work with. And it is going to be truly odd to go to work for the first time in a very long time, without seeing Toni's face. As it was so eloquently put on a "Friends" episode...."Some would say, it is the end of an era!".

As busy as my weekend is turning out, I am really looking forward to it. Dylan is going to be spending today vacuuming the house and then we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate, and then probably go walk around the Gateway, which we have not done in a long time. It will be nice just to be able to be out and about without stress lingering over my shoulder.....I am not sure what that will feel like!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Tonight is Coal's first puppy class, and I am excited!! Dylan and I were thinking about getting him a "training collar", which for those who don't know, gives off an electrical charge via remote control when the dog is not behaving. Well, the Petsmart people talked us out of trying that and said to do the puppy classes FIRST and if that does not work, then get the collar. So, tonight Coal has a make-up class than his second class, one right after the other. Since he is such a smarty, I think he will pick up quick. The problem will be his stubborness....but then again, he has his match when it comes to me.

Work is still.....interesting. I am totally out of the management "loop" and so I have no information on what is going on with out company, and I am okay with that. The "buzz" made it's way to the home processors and I have started getting the "What the hell?" e-mails. I am also discovering the plethora of people who are looking for jobs and going to interviews.....because they don't want to stay here anymore because I am going away. It involves more them having to do more of their own work than any type of loyalty to me, so don't misunderstand that last statement. I also have had several slaps in the face by people volunteering what they are making to me to see if they have a chance on the outside to make the same....and these are people who do a lot less work than I do and, for some, are people who I do PART OF THEIR JOB....and each one of them makes at least 10k more than I am currently making. Yep, reality at this work kinda hurts like that. Oh well, it is making my decision to move on that much easier.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Yesterday was....interesting.

I came in to work and the buzz stared about me putting in my notice.....we have a very quick gossip vine here at work. Finally my Boss came into work, and started out with being very quite around me and then within about an hour, had totally warmed up and was being VERY supportive of my choice to leave. I think she realized that my mind had been made up and that it was time to move on from being pissy to being the friend I knew she had in here. Unfortunately, the Pitboss does not feel the same way and stomped around the office yesterday, glaring and sulking. Oh well.

Toni started my "End of Days" off with us going to Gringos for lunch, since it will probably be a long time before we are able to do that again. Toni's boss has also decided that we are not going to be involved in the company Pot Luck to half-ass say good bye, so we are going to lunch on Wednesday....and that will be a hoot!!!

Weekend is shaping up to be a good one. I am getting my car serviced on Saturday, hopefully will remember to call about getting my windshield replaced AGAIN, and I need to go and get a couple of new work pants since I have managed to put on almost all of the weight I took off and so I would like some pants that hang nicer than the ones I currently have....even if I will only be wearing them for a short amount of time. I just need some new clothes! I also am taking my Mom to do her shopping, and weather permitting, I will be trying to rake up some of my yard!!!