Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday....


The illness is leaving....YEAH! It was a horrible cold, it completely kicked my ass for the holidays, and yesterday it was at it's worst. I ached, my nose would not stop running, I could not stop sneezing and coughing....all in all, just felt really crappy. I went to the store after work and stocked up on every cold medicine I could fine that would stop sneezing and runny noses. Dylan made us a wonderful dinner, I took a long hot bath with some eucalyptus and lavender and went to bed. Amazingly, I woke up today with NO runny nose, NO aches, a tiny cough, and I feel almost 100% better! What a strange, strange cold but I am glad to see it going in time for me to spend a wonderful weekend alone with Dylan.

Speaking of the weekend, he and I are planning on doing some shopping, catching up with seeing some movies and renting some movies, and just generally RELAXING since we have not had a chance to do that since before choice of course. It will be nice not to have a real agenda, not having to entertain any family, and just being able to enjoy each other's company.

And about family, my sister and I are still not seeing eye to eye and I have decided that the best way to handle her is to allow her to be her nutty self and ignore her. There is no real reason why I need to ever see her except on the holidays and for birthdays. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason I need to talk to her unless it is an emergency. So, in essence, she will be treated like an acquaintance....nothing more and nothing less. When I resolved that 2004 would be MY year and I would take control of all aspects of my life, taking control of who is allowed to be in my life and for what reason was also a part of that. I can't allow somebody who lives for drama and insanity to be any part of my life. I wish that I could say that booting her out hurt, even a little, but it doesn't. I guess that says how far I have come in my resolution.

Oh and resolutions for the New Year anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?.... I have decided that 2005 will also be MY year for more changes.....I want to continue to improve my health and fitness and so I am going to resolve to be going to the gym AT LEAST 4 times a week AND working out at home. I have also resolved to start doing more for the animal causes AND I want to take on another charity.....I am just trying to decide which one. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe helping with the Association for Advancement of Retarded Poodles....what do you think Toni *wink*?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Mood....good even though I have a cold.

Yep, that's me....sick again. I came down with the mother of all colds on Christmas...just in time to share with both families! The dinner went off well, other than I felt like crap the entire time. I was spoiled this year and Dylan and I managed to eek out a spoiling for everybody else. Everybody had a good time at our house, and all in all, it was a pleasant evening.

I wish that I could share more with you, but I really don't feel well and don't have the strength to type out everything that happened and what I got.