Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday....

Okay, I was in bed, in my PJ's, and sound asleep at 5:45 pm yesterday! I got home from shopping with my Mom and felt really cruddy. I thought maybe I was coming down with the Black Death or something so after dinner and a bath, I crawled into bed to die. Now I feel perfect and perky today! YAY for sleep-cures!!

Dylan is doing a tiny bit better every day. I am praying and hoping that this does not go down into his chest because then I know it will turn to bronchitis and then it will take him months to get over it. No Bronchitis!!!!

Not sure what we are doing this weekend, don't really feel like making plans as I have enjoyed just figuring it out as we go along. I am hoping that we will find this Christmas sign we had seen about three weeks ago and have yet to come across again. Keeping my fingers crossed we stumble across it because Dylan REALLY liked it. And of course, us going out will be based totally on whether he feels good or not. If Dylan is not healed, we will have movie marathon Satuday!

Thought for the day: Don't assume you are more important than you are. We are all loved, we are all respected, we are all cared for...but not necessarily by everyone in your life. You are only as important to someone as they tell you you are. But remember, life is as you make it...if you feel loved, then you ARE loved.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Starting off with a big hug to Jen Bunker with the passing of Razz....know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.

Dylan is officially "Sick Boy" right now. He has a horrible cold. After ANOTHER long day at work yesterday, I got my nails done and then went to the store to buy every cold medicine I could find, some orange juice, kleenex with lotion so his nose won't get all red, and dinner. It is so sad to see him like this because he honestly does everything in his power NOT to be sick. He even called into work sick last night and just went to bed early and was still sound asleep when I left this morning.

This new shift and new group I have taken on at work is KILLING ME. I am doing my old job, plus my new job, plus trying to keep up on e-mails and phones AND training a new person. I can feel myself ALMOST at the end of my rope and I have a one-on-one today with managment....probably will get pretty ugly for them.

Talked to an old friend of mine and it looks like we are going to be doing another rescue of cats and kittens with, hopefully, some placements. She is gonna help me with the two in my folks backyard so that I can get them trapped and fixed and then she had a house she wants me to help her with again. It has been three years since the last rescue, so I think I am emotionally ready to do it again. At least I HOPE I am emotionally ready to do it again! I am also considering making quilts for the Humane Society and Furburbia and a couple of rescues I have worked with in the past for Christmas. Now I just need to find a really easy quilt pattern since I am pretty much talent-free in that area. And if that works out well, I am gonna consider doing some for the premies at the hospitals as well......but we will see.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

I was concerned that the weekend was going to end up horrible, because it didn't start out well. I ended up staying until almost 5:00 on Friday night....two hours longer than my shift, because I had to be on a conference call. Then I had to stop by my folks house and ended up getting into a fight with my Mom, and so by the time I got home, I was absolutely exhausted. Dylan and I went and got dinner, brought it home, and we just watched a movie....his presence made the horrible afternoon all worthwhile because of his supportiveness. Saturday we got up and went to breakfast at Mimi's and then did a whole bunch of running around....I even picked up a couple of Christmas related items. By the time we got home, he was able to get an hour and a half nap and then we had dinner and then he headed into work early. Sunday....oh, Sunday was the best. I did NOTHING! No, I did manage to get all the laundry done, but I spent the entire day on the couch in front of the tv watching movie after movie after movie. It was WONDERFUL! It got me fully rested for my upcoming week....which I am praying is better than last week!

Happy Monday to everyone!!!!!