Friday, March 11, 2005

Dear Diary Friday...

Mood....wonderful and TGIF!

Yes, that is a picture of my old man, Melvin.....

After a horrible week at work, things have started to settle down. I am not going to bother with going into details but let's just say that my boss and my bosses boss both now have an idea of how mean I can truly be and how blunt I am. All in all it ended up on a good note.

Today at work I am going to spend part of it helping some people move their desks and saying good-bye to a co-worker for the last 5 years who is moving on to bigger and better things. It is always hard to say good-bye but knowing she is moving on to make a better life for her and her son makes this one a bit easier.

Weekend is shaping up to be nice and quiet. Tonight Dylan and I are meeting up with the Netzler's for dinner and then I have a bit of shopping I need to do. Then tomorrow I was thinking about having a small get together but Toni beat me to it so Dylan and I are going over to watch a couple of vids with her and keep her entertained while Grandma is recooperating in the hospital. That, of course, will be after I spend the day doing whatever my folks need me to do for them....probably a little gardening and shopping. Hopefully I won't be so exhausted that I fall asleep at the Netzler's. Sunday is my day....a day for me to get some things done around my house and process some more claims. Yes, I am back doing that again.

Here is to a wonderful weekend for everyone. Hope all goes well and that everyone starts getting their health back.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Mood....good but tired with some PMS

I think the line above sums it up. I have PMS, have not had PMS in over two months, so I am expecting the worst. I am famished all the time so I have increased my workouts. I am not craving anything in particular but EVERYTHING. Thank the Goddess that Toni and Rob are going to make me happy by meeting me for dinner at the OG this Friday so I can have my fill of salad, some more salad, and a side of salad. Yes, I am a freak, I admit it, but I love salad.

My workout yesterday was awesome. I did my mile on the track, upper body weights, and then 300 ab crunches. I have a "buddy" at the gym that comes over and says Hello to my mom and I every day. He is really into raquetball and weight lifting and I think he wants me to start playing raquetball with him. I am tempted, but I have seen some of the bruises the guys get from getting hit and DAMN!! I don't mind a bit of pain but I hate bruises!!!

Tonight Dylan's mom is going to trim up my hair for me. I am trying to let it grow out a bit but it is currently driving me insane. She is going to thin it out and razor cut it a bit around the face for me. I hope that will make me a bit happier with it.

I am also so tired I can hardly stand myself. I slept pretty well last night but I could use about another 10 hours. I am having issues with our bed because I hate it so bad. It seems to curve on a downward toward the sides and I hate that feeling. Dylan has tried to fix it but it is just the way that the bed is made. I really can not wait to get a new bed....something to work on after the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, I am starting to freak about it a bit. Dylan and I are trying to keep our expenses down on it since we are paying for it by ourselves, also trying to save up money for our honeymoon, AND save up money for Christmas, but the amount of people that are wanting to come is getting out of control! Plus, I am thinking of changing the menu to be more of the typical "wedding food" fare.....finger foods and many sweets and desserts. God, I am really starting to already hate this event and it is many, many months away. I know it is the PMS.....

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dear Diary Sunday... so.

It was a very long and a very emotional week. We ended up taking Jimbo back to the Humane Society of Utah.....things went from "alright" to very bad. He was a very huge dog with a lot of energy and he played very hard with Helga and ended up hurting her. She came in almost every time limping. Add to the fact that he would not allow you to love Helga, he would stand in between you and her. He was just too much and we could not give him the time, attention, and home that he needed without sacrificing the health of our other animals. By the second to last day we had him, Helga had given up food completely. It was a very hard thing to do, since it is something that I don't believe in, but he needed a home where he was the only dog AND had children to run with....both things that would not be in our life. He will be adopted by a much better family than Dylan and I, of that I am sure.

I also ended up calling in sick on Thursday and Friday thanks to a headache and a horrible bout of "scratchy eyes" as I have lovingly come to call my condition. I had run out of my eye medicine and so ended up picking that up on Friday morning...and a $60 copay later my eyes were much better.

Saturday I spent the day at Saturn getting my car's recall taken care of and getting my Daddy's greenhouse ready to go. It has been so wonderful working in the garden and being out in the fresh air again. I can say for the first time in my life, I really did not enjoy winter this was too much being stuck inside that long.

Today I am taking my mom shopping and spending the day with her. I have needed to get out and spend time with both of the folks, so I am very excited about how much time I have had with them this weekend.

Oh, and Dylan and I bought a whole bunch of new stuff for my bathroom. I have decided to go with different shades of lavender for the bathroom upstairs......wanted something a bit more "Springy". I am also going to be taking down the wallpaper in there and painting some time this summer....probably a wheat color to match the tile.

And the best news of the week is that I will be losing one of my jobs...I will no longer be processing claims at home. We are caught up on claims and are hiring MORE processors so I can do just my job for awhile....YEAH. It makes going to the gym much more enjoyable when I don't have to be worrying about how much time it is taking me to do my routine and how long I will be processing into the night.