Sunday, April 25, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

I wish I could say that I had just been too darn busy to blog, but that would have been a total lie.

Tuesday I went to class with Toni and it is apparent that not only are Toni and I the only people in the class who are not taking it for a "money making" reason, but we will officially be the loudest and most smart-ass....just like in college!

Wednesday I had the puke up your guts flu and ended up going home from work...wasn't much fun.

Thursday and Friday was just the same old stuff at work. My boss did manage to get me to start talking to her about why I had closed myself off and we now have a great line of communication going. The co-worker who I thought was a friend, I have now made as distant as possible without physically moving one of us. All in all, the work week ended on a really good note.

Saturday, Dylan and I spent the day tracking down gifts for his dad's birthday, going to a yucky dinner, doing some running around, and then settling down to watch three videos..."School of Rock" which I definitely would NOT suggest as it was very boring, "Kill Bill" which is now one of my favorite movies because I laughed the entire way through it, and "Wild Things 2" and I would have to explain that one in person. Don't rent it for any other reason than to "set a mood".

Sunday, the folks and I went shopping for groceries and some flowers and my father wanted to go and take a look at the house that Dylan and I have been looking at, which was wonderful because now I think my parents are getting use to, and even HANDLING, the idea of me leaving. My daddy and I then spent the entire day working in the yard together.

All in all, a pretty darn good week. My energy is back on track, my attitude is much better, and I am actually looking forward to this week.