Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Yeah, it has been a long week already. I am overwhelmed....both at work and in my home life. However, overwhelmed does not equal unhappy. Yesterday was a "bad day" but I am chalking it up to the fact that I am skipping another month of my menstrual cycle, but I am still dealing with the PMS (sorry boys, I am sure you all really wanted to hear that). However, I woke up this morning realizing I had a lot to be blessed with and found things funny again. Here are a few quirky things that I was thinking about at 4:00 am that piss me off, but are pretty funny:

1) People who refuse to say "Hi" or "Good morning" to you until you have said it to them.
2) People who enjoy suffering for the sake of suffering. They seek out ways to have more drama and trauma in their life so that they can have non-stop pity parties.
3) People who act, and talk, like they know your life better than you do.
4) People who believe that they know ALL about one particular subject, even if it is something about the subject that effected YOUR life, they still know.....
5) People who could not be grateful for ANY thing in their life because it would distract from being a drama queen
6) People not capable of saying "thank you"
7) People who always seem to have it much worse than you ever could. Example would be when you are telling them a story of something that happened to you or somebody you know and they come back with, "Oh well that is not so bad. You should hear about what happened to ME...."
Gawd! I think I have become Miss Manners this morning!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....

I am so tired!!! I finished the headstones today, I cleaned my entire den, scrubbed the walls, washed all of the rugs and everything in the den, rearranged all the furniture....and in all of that chaos I managed to make French Onion Soup AND take a nap!!! I am tired.......

Yesterday was a fun day with Dylan. We shopped (got some doggie treats AND a caramel apple making kit for my dad and I), went to dinner, hung out, and all in all, just had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Next weekend had already started to shape up for me. Friday is Connie's wedding. Saturday I am going to spend part of the day with my mom and get some shopping done, get some housework done, get the inside of my house decorated. Then hopefully, that evening, Dylan and I are going to enjoy his house with the parents being gone. We have decided to watch some scary movies and have a picnic in the front room. Just to spend the evening not having to entertain, run around, and just relax in his arms is all I need. Sunday, I am planning on spending as much of that with Dylan as possible.