Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Today was horrible! We had 7 people call in sick today and the phones were out of control. Then I had two more people have to leave early for one reason or another!! MAD HOUSE! However, because of peoples' idiocy, our employee handbook will be changing to read..."If you call in sick the day BEFORE or the day AFTER a holiday, you will not be compensated for the holiday." It only takes a few people to fuck it up for everyone!!!

Also started "the diet" yesterday and so far, so good. I am just trying to eat a LOT healthier, less calories, and more water....if that is possible for me. However, because I am so sore that just LOOKING at my muscles makes them ache, I did not make it to the gym today. However, I did a lot of walking when I got home, around the yard, and that made me feel better. I think with all of the aerobic activity I have had the last two days, me taking one day off won't kill me. And I have had a great deal of support about my diet from many people, which has been nice. Pretty much every one in my area has "decided" that they need to start watching what they eat, as well. Should make for some interesting, if not surly debating, since nobody will be consuming mass amounts of grease like they usually do! However, I was also told today that I eat WAY TOO much salad, which I did not know was humanly possible! Oh well, I love salads, so too fucking bad!!!

Along the same lines, I have realized that lately I have been allowing other people's opinions and views of me bring me down....AND that will be coming to an abrupt halt. If you don't like me, fuck off! I know I am an amazing and beautiful person, in all arenas and if you don't like my view point, go some place else! I know I would not be surrounded by such an amazing group of friends if there was not something in me that kept them my friends. Hopefully with my change of attitude, I can help some of my other friends with their opinions on themselves, because the same and can be said of those people. Can you say "project"?

Monday, May 26, 2003

Dear Diary Monday...

To say that this weekend was one of the most spectacular ones I have had would be an understatement! Let's catch up. Friday, I took the day off and Dylan and I went to the zoo. My Goddess it was fun! We got to play with the birds in the new Outback area, we got to see the new Siberian Tigers, and most importantly, we just got to spend time with one another. We then went to lunch, did some running around, got a video, and collapsed at his house. We called it a relatively early night because we were both so tired and I was getting a headache. Saturday I got up and took the folks to breakfast, went and bought plants, came home and got ready for the Netzler's barbecue. Once again, they went way overboard and above and beyond in everything. There was a concern with the rain, but it pittered out and we all had a fantastic time. Sunday I spent the entire day in the yard planting! Unfortunately, my father did not believe me that we needed more flowers than what we bought, so I ran out of plants! Monday, I got up and we headed out for more flowers and I spent today planting. I then barbecued some garlic steaks, mushrooms, celery, and onions with corn on the cob and potatoe salad. Now, I am praying that the Goddess would remove every muscle from my body until it stops hurting and then she can put it back in! I am sore from two days of planting AND a slight sunburn. The good news is that I have taken to wearing a hat whenever I am in the yard, so it is much harder for me to get sunstroke!