Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Good surgery day......

Mom's surgery went wonderful. We were at the surgery center by 7:15 this morning and home by 9:30....just the way I like it. They put her under completely for 3 minutes because they needed to put a nerve block on her eye due to her hypersensitivity and the entire procedure took 15 minutes. She was a little stoned when she was brought out, and freezing, but doing great. I just made her some lunch, she did some vacuuming (don't ask!) and is now relaxing a little bit more. All in all....excellent morning.

What else have I done? Made huge pot of beef stew for my daddy, dishes, three loads of laundry, and I am about to clean my den and my bedroom. Oh, and I am making peanut butter cookies. Peanut butter cookies are my daddy's favorite, and since he has been so great about all of this, he gets a treat. I was just going to be a slug today, but I just have too much damn energy!

Oh, and I am going to a b-day party on Friday!!! Looking forward to hanging out with a few men that can put away their share plus of meat.....and we are going to the Rodizio! What more can a girl ask for than to watch men eat themselves sick?? I love the garlic vegetables and can make myself sick on that, so who am I to speak. It will also be nice to meet a couple of new people that I have heard about...so I am excited about that as well.

Oh, and work? Well, yesterday was Monday....busy, busy day, but other than that....it is okay.

Only 26 more days until Vegas!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2002

Excellent weekend.....

Oh my gosh! Dylan and I saw "The Mothman Prophecy" and it was the coolest, scariest show I have seen in a very long time! It kept us on the edge of our seats the entire show without really showing you the monster. What a great show. I would definatly, strongly suggest everybody go see and I would go and see it again in a heartbeat! The rest of the weekend was just as superb because I got to spend it with Dylan.....just being girlfriend/boyfriend. Oh, and we got to go do some b-day shopping for my boys.....that was a helluva lot of fun because I love to shop for those two. Can't wait to get it all wrapped and purdy for them!

The work day was okay. My hated processor is finally going away, but I ended up doing her work today...so that was a little stressful. But the new attitude change helped a lot and made it easier to deal with. And tomorrow is THE DAY...mom's surgery. She has already worked herself up into a lather, made herself sick, and has caused herself to have nightmares. The whole entire surgery is 15 freakin' minutes long, but she is worried that she will be awake when they are putting the needle by her eye.....which she won't be because they put her out for three minutes to do the needle work. God, it will be nice when this is over and done with. And it doesn't help that a family member of mine is being a piece of shit about the whole thing. Another story, another lifetime.

Anyways, only four more days until another fun weekend with my babes!