Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday.....Part deux.....

Call it my "sixth sense", call it "womanly intuition", call it my "spiritual guide", call it whatever, but I went with it and did not adopt the cat. She looked better, she felt better, she has "adjusted" and will make somebody a wonderful cat. I went to Petsmart, I took Mom with me, we both held her, we both loved her, we both talked to her, and we both got the same impression....that "something" was wrong. I have felt that way all day, and I have learned by some very painful experiences, to trust my instinct. She will be fine.....with somebody else.

Dear Diary Thursday...


The doctor appointment went very, very well. I found out that I was misdiagnosed last year and have been walking around for a year figuring that I was eventually losing my eye sight. Well, I DO have elevated eye pressure but NO GLAUCOMA!!! I also discovered that I have ALMOST perfect eye sight, a little bit nearsighted, but not even dramatic enough for me to have glasses....which I have been wearing for a very long time! So the good news is that I don't have the glaucoma and I don't need to ever wear glasses. The bad news is that I am totally pissed off that I have been wearing glasses, spent major money on eye glasses, and have been worried about the diagnosis and it was ALL WRONG. I will be going in in January for some visual field tests for my eye pressure, but that is no big deal.

After the eye doctor, I did some running around with my folks and then Dylan and I went to dinner and to Petsmart. We have decided on adopting another cat, her name is currently Cuddles, but that is subject to change. She is a beautiful calico manx. She is going to need some love and attention, as she needs some weight, some better food, and a good grooming. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with this new addition.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Mood....positive and upbeat.

Today is going to be a relatively short day for me at work. I was here by 5:30 this morning and have accomplished so much already. I am leaving at 11:30 to go to a doctor's appointment. I have been experiencing some very frightening eye problems so we are just going to go and see what the doctor says and what can be done. I hope all is well and things can be corrected.

Last night was a LONG night for me. I went to the gym and then Dylan and I decided to do some shopping. We went to Petsmart to get our cat and dog food shopping completed and I have completely fallen in love with a Calico angel there. Her name is Cuddles and she is just beautiful. Unfortunately she has fallen into a depression, and who wouldn't that lived in a cage for 24 hours a day, and she would not even raise her head for me to scratch her chin. We left there and I was just as depressed as she was. We then ran to Costco and then Wal-mart and by the time we got home, I was exhausted. I crawled into bed and read for awhile before I drifted off into a very turbulent sleep pattern. Fortunately for me, I am wide awake today but I think it might be adrenaline.

I am already looking forward to the festivities at Shane's house on Saturday. Saturday is going to be a somewhat long day for me because my niece is getting married in the morning so I will be at her wedding and reception that morning and afternoon. However, being with great friends that evening will raise my energy, I am sure.