Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

This is truly pathetic, but I can't believe how excited I am that I have tomorrow off of work and can SLEEP IN. I know I will probably only sleep until 6:00 am, but that is more sleep than I have had since the week before Christmas! It was so difficult pulling myself out of bed this morning, especially when I had my electric blanket wrapped around me, turned on, and I was toasty warm. DAMMIT! Oh well, things will hopefully smooth out in the next few days for myself and my family.

Went to the rehab center last night to take my Dad dinner and ended up staying there for four hours. It was a good time, watched some football with my Dad and then got to meet some of the other patients. My Dad is rooming with a surly, unhappy, grumbly old man who I just adore....Charles. He had a car accident and it caused a blood clot to be thrown into his brain. He is getting around pretty well, has just the slightest slur in his speech, but will always need care and, unfortunately for Charles, he has a bitch of a wife who won't even come see him, let alone make an effort to take care of him. I bring him marshmallows and fruit cake every day and try and make his day a bit brighters. I also have met Lucille, who is over 90 and just a sprite of a person!! And yesterday I met Hazel, she has no family that visits her, is very lonely and suffering from either Dementia or Alzheimers, and started to cry yesterday when I was walking to the dining room. She is just so lonely and just wants to go home, and that is not going to happen. So for the remaining time my Dad is there, I am going to make an effort to go and visit Hazel so that she knows that SOMEBODY cares for her. And who knows, I might even visit these people AFTER my Dad checks out. Old people are just so damn cute!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

The good news for the day is that my Dad gets to come home on Saturday....I could not be more tickled. The bad news is that I am so exhausted that I almost got into two accidents coming into work this morning, so I am a walking hazard.

I tried to relax after being at the rehab center with my Dad last night, Dylan making dinner and me just being on the couch. But the longer that I sat there, the more tired and moody I became, so it was time to hit the bubble bath and then bed. Unfortunately, most of my sleeping consists of tossing and turning and really bad nightmares. I know when I finally get him home and I can get back to being on a regular schedule, I will be a happier person. I can't even tell you the last time that I actually sat down and had breakfast in the morning before I left for work, and that is not like me at all. I have actually been eating fruit or soup after I get to work in the mornings.

Speaking of eating, I am really looking forward to getting back on my Weight Watchers Program, which I am planning on rejoining this weekend, if possible. I need to start thinking a little bit about myself, my health, and what I need to do for me instead of trying to "rescue" everyone else, which doesn't seem to be working anyways. Oh, and if you can't tell by that last comment, my sarcasm is in full swing mode today as well....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

They moved my Daddy to a rehab center that is close to my house. It is not the best place in the world, but hopefully he will only be there this week and then I can bring him home. He is doing wonderful and has not whispered even the smallest complaint....which doesn't surprise me with that man.

The doctors have said that it is an absolute miracle that he is walking and should, at the very least, have some tingling in his arms and legs, but my Daddy has total feeling and is walking wonderfully.

I have been learning how to do his physical therapy, his occupational therapy, and his vocational therapy so I can continue it when he gets home. I have also learned how to change his neck brace, and so I do that for him after they shower him, since not one of the nurses knows how to change a neck brace for somebody with a broken neck.

One of the good things about this move to the rehab center is that I have gotten to see Danny Grondahl every day, and he is looking, and doing awesome. He is the HR director at the rehab center and is still doing his DJ job out in Tooele four nights a week....basically working two full time jobs. He has come in to visit my Dad when I have not been there and has just been watching over my family like a little has been absolutely adorable.
My Mom is doing well and is almost over her pneumonia. She has been catching sleep where she can and where I can make her. She is struggling with stopping smoking (after 40 years, it has to be pretty damn hard!) and so she tires very easily. She is eating well and staying strong. I think we will be going out later tonight, after visiting my Dad, to get her a new bedroom set since my Dad will no longer be able to crawl into the massively high bed that they have now....and I am happy about that.

Well, I will try to keep this thing updated, but my priority has been my family and will continue to be so. I have given up pretty much everything outside of this responsibility for now, including sleep. Thank you to everyone who has sent an e-mail, called, and just shared their energy with myself and my family at this time. I love you all.