Friday, August 10, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

To start, much love and hugs to Toni and Rob was a decision that was made from love and Peppy could never have had better parents.

I am SOOOO excited for the weekend! I am not doing anything exciting, it will just be nice to be away from work for a couple of days to regain some energy that I have had to burn to keep things on a steady balance here. I am still in the "learning curve" and I have had to learn a few more multi-tasking abilities.

Oh, and a poor little old man ran into our Post Office in Arizona! He is over 80 years old and put a huge hole in the post office AND THEN WENT TO WAL-MART! He said he didn't know he did ANY damage even though he put a hole in the building AND knocked a Coke machine over 20 feet! Nobody was hurt, thank the Goddess, and that is what matters the most to me. Poor Little Old Man!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

First off, much love out to Toni, Rob, and Peppy right now. Know you are in my hearts.

Second of all, to all of those people that need to hear this first thing this morning....GET OVER YOURSELF. You are not as important in reality as you have made yourself to be in your delusions! Yep, I feel better now...

I got home from work yesterday and stopped by the Folks house to check on the progress of the sprinklers...and they are close to being completed. I also got a chance to have a "sit down" with my Dad about seeing a new doctor about hearing aids...and he agreed! YAY!!! I also got to look at my Mom's HUGE elephant ear. Not sure what happened, but her right ear on the outside has become red, swollen, but not tender. If it is not better today, we are going to the Instacare.

After that, I went home and Dylan was walking around like a drugged zombie. This overtime is taking a toll on him and he was in no condition to go to we went and got dinner and then he went back to bed. Unfortunately, his night only got worse because when he got into work, one of the nightshift guys is on vacation and the other guy called in sick....leaving it to only Dylan. His boss finally made some arrangments for a guy to stay later....and things were almost "good" until Dylan went to lunch and the guy decided to take a 15 minute break....leaving NO ONE on the phones! Dylan got back from lunch to see some people had been holding for 15-20 minutes so he had to come off his lunch early to start clearing out the calls...what a nightmare. And now there is a chance that the same guy that called in sick, might be calling in sick again tonight, and possibly tomorrow night, and if that happens, Dylan will not be having any days off this week. All in the name of love and Vegas!

I have a great friend at work that is wanting to learn everything about me....and I find it a bit odd. She sends me IM's saying things like "Tell me about growing up LDS" or "Tell me about what you like to do outside of work". She is an "odd-duck" but I absolutely ADORE this kid! She dresses anyway she wants that is most comfortable for her (i.e. she wore her "old lady" outfit yesterday of socks, sneakers, long old lady shorts, a top, and an old lady sweater over was adorable), she is ALWAYS in a positive mood, she can find humor in ANY situation...and are you ready for this Toni....SHE IS AN ATHEIST. I love her!

Here is hoping for everyone that you have a productive, positive, and wonderful day that will lead you into a fabulous weekend.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Last night I made a strange, strange dinner that actually ended up tasting pretty good. I made noodles with butter and garlic, then I cooked some chicken breasts with garlic herb marinade, cut it up and put it in the butter noodles and then cut up some zucchini, mixed parmessean and garlic, put them under the broiler for 8 minutes and that was our dinner. My goal was to get some protein, some vegetables and to make enough for Dylan to take to work. It was odd, but it all worked well together.

Then I managed to get a "talking too" on the phone by my brother, who after I hung up on him must have thought over what he just said and called me back within 30 seconds and apologized....I let it go to the v/m because I was done being lectured by him. AND I was trying to get to bed.

Needless to say, I think the whole afternoon and evening yesterday was just weird.....not sure what was in the weather.

And speaking of WEIRD, bug hugs and big loves out to my home-chica, Alana, who is just having the shittiest week, and I think summer, ever. Ya know I love ya girl, even though you did corrupt me at an early age and made me the evil that I am today. Big hugs for you....time for us to get together for some drinks, me thinks.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a fantastic weekend....thank you, thank you, thank you to my husband!

We started out with Dylan cleaning the whole house on Friday before I got home. Of course, he was absolutely exhausted after that so we just got a small dinner and relaxed for the remainder of the evening.

Saturday, we got up and took my car in to get the windshield replaced (for the 4th time) and then headed out to JCPenney's to get the most wonderful blanket in the world that Shane introduced me too....and managed to pick up a few other things! Then we hit two Lane Bryants where I got a whole bunch of new clothes, had dinner at Chilis and headed home to put Dylan to bed for a few hours before he had to go into work. It was sooooo much fun just to run around with Dylan all day, relaxing, no real agenda.....just having a great time.

Sunday, I got up and had to do major yardwork. I mowed the lawn, trimmed, edged, cleaned up all the weeds in all of the flower beds, fixed and cleaned the bird feeders, took the yard blower and cleaned up everything. And I was sooo exhausted and sore afterwards that I wanted to die! I spent the remainder of the day relaxing on the couch and then had dinner with Dylan when he got up.

This week we are going to have to try and get some major grocery shopping done. Our fridge is so bare that it is sad to look at. I am also going to start cleaning out the freezer a little bit every day, as well as the shelves in our basement. I want to get ready for the caselot sales, so we need to start making some ROOM!