Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Good day...

Sorry, had to change the template as it was too damn dark and bothering me!

Anyways, have I reminded you that Dylan's b-day is the 14th and he wants a mug!

Work was good and I was busy, but not easily distracted or bothered by anything. I am trying to be the proverbial "duck" and let everything just slide off of my feathers...it seems to be easier that way. I won't be there on Thursday and Friday and already have people to handle the faxes and e-mails, so all should be well. And tomorrow we should be back to a normal amount of people on our team....thank the goddess....because it has been insane without everybody there.

Have I told you that I am reading a book called "House of Secrets"? It is excellent! It is a true crime book and I have not been able to put it down, except when I go to work. I have decided, like my mother, that every day I will spend one hour, or more, reading. I love to read and just have not allowed myself to keep up on everything. I have, and this is not kidding, three BAGS of books that I have purchased or received, that I have yet to read, but am yearning to do! This is part of the "making time for ME" strategy that I am implementing in my life.

Oh, and did I tell all of you that Dylan is going to Scotts for a few days at the end of May? SOOOOOOO, what are you girls gonna do to keep my entertained? Hmmm....drinks at Chile's and finding where all the cabs go at 2:00 am??????

Monday, May 06, 2002

Fun weekend......

Dylan, Toni, Rob, and I once again, went and saw a movie together....."Spider-Man" and it was a great flick. I was very impressed with the story line and my favorite....the Green Goblin...was as insane as I always pictured him to be. Then we went to Iggy's for dinner and had a fabulous waiter who gave Rob a pitcher of Mtn. Dew and a "special" straw to drink with. We did cut the evening short because I decided to sit in something that was purple and stain my levi's .... so I was done.

Saturday I had some shopping with the folks. I made my father go so he could get in some walking, which he loved. Then I spent Saturday afternoon and evening with Dylan, which I had to call to an early evening because I was exhausted......me thinks due to such a stress-filled week. I was in bed and asleep by 7:45...to wake the next morning at 7:45...and it was wonderful!

Sunday, Dylan and I decided to bludgeon our heads with the "Jason X" stick and both burst into laughter at one point of the movie, much to the dismay of the men that were in the theatre. Oh well, what it is so damn dumb you have to laugh, you HAVE TO LAUGH! We then went to this wonderful park up by my work and hiked around for a few hours, went to dinner, headed back to his house to watch "Scared Straight" which was a chilling documentary about youth crime and prison. "Chilling" because the language that the prisoners were using AND being aired on MTV....it was fascinating.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and much needed. Again, it is Monday and the next weekend is already planned......Motorhead concert on Friday, shopping and then hanging with Dylan on Saturday, and Sunday is Mother's day. Oh, and I am taking this Thursday and Friday off of work to plant my yard and get it all pretty for my mom for Mother's Day.....oh lord, I am going to be worked like a horse by my dad.....I can just tell.

Oh, and just a little reminder....Dylan's b-day is on the 14th so start harassing him............