Friday, April 15, 2005

Dear Diary Friday....


WOW AND HOLY WOW! That was my entire evening of wedding presentation with Shane and Michelle. I can't even put into words how completely impressed all of us where with how informative, professional, and full of love those two made last night. There was not a moment of being awkward, they had everything down to a science and the evening just completely flew by. It was not a night that anyone felt overwhelmed by the information we were given, if anything, more at ease. This wedding is so completely under control by those two that I almost can literally just show up, say "I Do" and enjoy the night. If these two do not run with this business, then the Event Planning Industry would suffer a huge blow. THAT is how good these two are together. And I got to ask Shane a special question *snicker* and that made my entire night even better!

Needless to say, it is started, and at the same time, almost done. Dylan and I need to sit down and make decisions, get a dress, get the suits ordered, pick a cake topper, and that is pretty much it. They even had cake toppers for us to look cool is that!!! Oh and we need to pick a wedding cake too, but that shouldn't be too hard. And our folks just LOVED every moment of it, especially my mom who Shane took such good care of. Shane walked my parent's through his entire beautiful home and yard and I was pretty sure I was going to be moving them in with him and Chet by the end of the night. My parent's just adore those two boys. My Daddy was just in awe the whole night of how lovely their yard was and how much work that they had put into it!! I told him I was not the only person who busted my ass in the yard....those boys have put me to shame!!!

So as you can read, I am elated and feel so much better today. I think a lot of what has been keeping me not feeling good has just been stress. Work has been killer this week and is going to be getting more stressful, but I think now that I can see a light at the end of the wedding tunnel thanks to very incredible people, Shane and Michelle, I can start focusing on other things.

Oh, and I am so excited about going out tonight with the wedding party!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday, part deux...

Oh and I forgot to share! Officer Jeremy Poor was injured in the line of duty on Monday night....apparently a K-9 officer mistook Jeremy's hand for Alpo and bit him! Actually, Jeremy was reaching for his phone to call in for back up or something policey and the K-9 office mistook it for a threatening lunge and bit him. Jer-bear is okay, four puncture wounds and they are watching for nerve damage but all should be well. He still loves dog and we now can officially call him Office Alpo.

Dear Diary Thursday...

Mood...not feeling very well but trying to stay positive.

Well, tonight is the night that our folks go over to Shane to meet with Shane and Michelle and see what ideas they have in store. I am excited, more so than I thought I would be. The only problem I can see coming up is that I have not been feeling well for a couple of days and so I hope I don't have something that will be contagious to anyone else. Plus, I have been getting tired really early and going to bed really early so somebody is going to need to keep pinching me so I don't close my eyes!! Actually, I know my staying awake wont be an issue because who could possibly fall asleep around Shane's energy!!

I tossed and turned most of the night after I woke up with a fever, so I actually made it into work earlier than normal and have already accomplished quite a lot. I am hoping to feel better as the day progresses so that I can make it to the gym tonight. Last night I went home from work and fell asleep on the couch and Dylan made pathetic of me. But I guess getting into work was a good thing for my job. It is always nice to be into work before anyone else, when the office is quiet and I am not bothered by any wanting to ask me a million questions...ahh, early morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...


Yep, woke up with one. I believe it is being caused by my neck, which I need to go and see my chiropractor about, but just have not had time. That and the crappy bed that we have is probably slowly killing me. Oh well, all works out with time.

Yesterday I took on a new responsibility at work....willingly. I walk around on the customer service floor and answer their questions and help out everyone so that they don't have to leave their seats to find one of us. I also make sure we don't have a lot of "visitors" in our area since we seem to be a magnet for other people to come and take their break in our area. I want to put an end to that before we have to have a company wide e-mail go out about it....yeah, we have that kind of stuff happen. I did a lot of yesterday walking around, helping out people, working on morale...and it helped our team drop our average speed of answer by almost 50 seconds. I think everyone enjoyed it as well because by the end of the day, everyone was having a really good time AND work was being accomplished....just like in the good old days!!! So, we are going to try this for awhile and see what happens. Plus, it gives me a chance to get my fat ass up and moving around!!!

Did another night at the gym but only did a mile on the track and then had to go and do some grocery shopping. To be totally honest, I am getting really tired of least for this week. I spend most of my weekend grocery shopping at either Petsmart, Wal-Mart, Coscto or all three. I think I would like to spend some of my own weekend NOT doing that...maybe doing things that I really enjoy. So I have decided that this coming weekend is going to be just that. I don't have my plans in concrete yet, but I know it will NOT involve me doing the grocery shopping. YEAH!!!

Pray for my headache to go away....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...


I wish I could come to this with stories of excitement and passion that occured over the weekend, but all I did was cook, clean, and shop....nothing exciting at all. The only tiny piece of excitement is that I tried on a few dresses at Dillards for the wedding.....still not that exciting.

Work has been slammed again. We are again down a number of individuals so our phones are totally out of control. I am on the phones for an hour a day trying to help out, but I am not sure if it does help at all....but at least I am trying. They have a number of people that are not in customer service helping out on the phones, or at least that is theory since most of them don't get on the phones at all. It is a said fact that the division that is always front line for a company, what really makes or breaks a company's business, is always often paid the lowest and treated with the least amount of respect. At least that is the way it is has been for every company I have ever worked for.

The big "meeting" at Shane's is on Thursday and that is giving me something to look forward to. Shane and Michelle are just so dang excited that I can't help be excited with them. I have no doubt that what they are going to be presenting to Dylan, myself, and our parents is just going to be phenomenal. I am the luckiest girl alive to have such wonderful individuals like Shane and Michelle handling everything for my wedding.

Friday is also something to look forward to as the "wedding party" is going out to dinner to a new place. It will be nice to have an evening that I can relax, even though I will be good and not drinking or eating anything that will effect my weight in the next day.

Speaking of that, I think that is why I have not had the desire to blog a weight in went horribly. I thought I had been really good last week and then when I went in, I had put on 1.5 pounds and I cried all the way home. I have not had a good weight in for many, many weeks but that just put me over the edge. I am sure it was due to my horrible salt intake last week but it has at least motiviated me (made me obsessed?) with watching everything I eat and working out more and harder this week. If I go in on Saturday and don't lose anything, I am not exactly sure what I will do. This has become a way for me to measure my worth, which I know it shouldn't be. But I am viewing my personal failures by putting weight back on as being just being a failure. I need to pull myself out of this mentality and kick myself in the ass, but I think that might be impossible this week.