Friday, November 04, 2005

Dear Diary Friday...

Well, it is time that I get my shit back together, get my head on straight, and start taking care of myself again. I jumped on the scale this morning and I have been on all but 12 pounds of what I took off. I quit going to Weight Watchers and have not been to the gym in awhile, and it is showing. Remarkably, most of my "skinnier" clothes are still fitting, but it is what is being told to me by the scale that is mattering the most right now. Therefore, I am back on my healthy eating plan and will be going back to the gym on Monday.

In that same frame of mind, I have been making some changes to myself....and they have all been positive. I am doing my best to be more honest with myself and with others (sometimes not always in a nice way) and have been doing a lot more communicating with people. It has been nice to really touch base with people, even if it is only an IM or an e-mail. I am also making more an effort to be out and about with people, going to their Tupperware parties and such. I think "putting myself out there" is helping me connect more with my own inner issues. It is just nice putting myself on the top of my own list for awhile and hopefully the changes this time will be positive.