Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear Diary Wednesday...

I'm tired. Tired in every aspect. I need to call my doctor because I don't think my meds are working as well as they use to. Every night I got to PT, then usually have to take somebody to the store, then come home and try to do things around the house and yard, and then fall into bed, which I usually can sleep for a couple of hours and then am awake again. My mind is racing in many different directions....none of them really good direction. And I am tired of dealing with the same issues over and over and over again....issues that just keep raising their ugly head every few months, never to be resolved because all that is ever accomplished is excuses on top of excuses. I think I am to the point right now, due to my exhaustion, or just putting my hands in the air and giving up on fighting. To say that I am looking forward to an evening of being around close friends, sharing some good energy, and focusing on some other things for a while is an understatment. Just so tired.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Diary Monday....

It was a busy, busy weekend but Dylan and I got a bunch of things accomplished:
- all the carpets in the house are cleaned
- the house, inside and out, has been decorated for Halloween
- the yard is "good to go" for winter and everything put away, including lawn mower
- we actually got to watch a couple of movies
- my office is FINALLY cleaned out of all the clutter that was everywhere
- we got all of the grocery shopping done AND bought our Halloween candy
- we are up to 30 pumpkins

It was great to get as much accomplished as we did, but we were really dragging ass on Saturday and Sunday and Dylan's feet were throbbing. The only "downside" is that when we were getting pumpkins at Harmon's, I dropped one on my middle finger, bent it back at a weird angle, and it has hurt ever since. I even wrapped it up on Saturday night to keep it sturdy and it STILL hurts. I'm tough, I will get over it.

Now Dylan and I are trying to decide on Halloween. That is a really busy day for me with carving pumpkins, delivering pumpkins, making caramel apples, yadda yadda yadda but Dylan wants to decorate our carport with netting and then have the kids have to walk into the carport to trick-or-treat. I think I want to put on some scary movies in the front room, grab some pizza, and just hand out trick or treats from the door. We will see what happens......